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Edo PDP through its Media and Publicity Secretary,  Chris Nehikhare yesterday unveiled its manifesto in Education. The manifesto titled “The Cornerstone of Sustainable Development” if given the chance to lead Edo again and if well implemented also could create a renaissance of good and qualitative education in the State. The manifesto emcompases different strata of education, from formal to informal, adult learning, physically challenged persons learning centres and even the introduction of Information Communication Technology to drive education in Edo State . The manifesto is reproduced below.

Education: The Cornerstone of Sustainable Development


Good people of Edo State, the exercise of electing a new governor is around the corner. It’s a shame and a disgrace that in the run up to this all important election, what the APC led State government has to offer is nothing but abuses, insults, envious and vengeful comments on leaders and elders of our dear State. They have not been able to articulate any policy direction for the State in any of the sectors that the State is in dire need of fixing. The State Governor is stuck in the past; he has run out of ideas and his arrogance has made him deaf, dumb and blind to the cries of Edo people.IMG-20151209-WA003

Edo PDP offers the alternative. We are the Party with the ideas and motivation to lead us into the next decade. Today, I am going to talk to you about Education. Our education policy is broad, workable and dynamic. It is designed so that our children can compete in the job market. It will also offer them the chance to be trained in the area of entrepreneurship.

Edo PDP recognises that education is the cornerstone of sustainable development and meaningful progress.


As an instrument of growth, Education in its quality state reflects on the society through the production of a pool of young men and women who will ultimately power national development.

The right of everyone to education is enshrined in article 13 of the United Nation’s International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, endorsed by its General Assembly in 1996. At the national level, and it is statutorily codified in the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In many societies that have correctly invested in education for future state and national advancement, the quality of life has also been improved through skill acquisition and job creation for poverty reduction.

Education is paramount to adapting, maintaining, sustaining and domesticating global trends in science and technology for use in the quest for progress in commerce and industry, agriculture, health care delivery, infrastructure development, human capital development etc.

Realising that education is the cornerstone of sustainable development and meaningful progress, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will pursue an aggressive policy of:

  1. Providing unfettered access to a compulsory Universal Basic Education (UBE) for all school age children in the State as a bridge to future social economic development.
  2. Establishing and maintaining quality and standards through enhanced, relevant and competence-based curriculum and effective quality control and monitoring at both public and private levels
  3. Enhancing the resourcefulness, welfare and efficiency of teachers, instructors, lecturers, et al through capacity building and other motivational platforms.
  4. Strengthening Edo State’s future technological and scientific foundation by rejigging technical, vocational and entrepreneurial education formats and objectives.
  5. Making optimal use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to meet the State’s manpower needs in commerce and industry and other core areas.
  6. Providing an enabling environment for and stimulating the active participation of the private sector and non-governmental organisation (NGO’s) catchment area communities and other partners in education development.


This strategic approach will be pursued through a properly-executed, monitored and coordinated programme of:

  • Providing free tuition and educational materials to all students in secondary schools in the State.
  • Renovating and reconstructing all infrastructure in both primary and secondary schools in the state.
  • Recruiting of more qualified teachers for both primary and secondary schools in Edo State.
  • Offering better conditions of service-enhanced emolument, training and retraining: teaching and learning materials and aids such as computers, laboratory equipment, tables and chairs etc.
  • Providing school libraries and zonal centers of Edo State library.
  • Introducing computer education and application in all secondary schools in the State.
  • Providing, in association with the 18 local government council authorities, model colleges in all the local government areas of Edo State.


There will be major improvement in our tertiary institutions which will cover not only infrastructure but also staffing and funding arising from the high premium that the Party places on Education, school fees and all other forms of levies would be reviewed with a view of ensuring that higher education is accessible to all



The PDP led government will pursue a vigorous and deliberate policy of encouraging private developers to build, equip, operate and rent out hostel complexes at State owned tertiary institutions that are experiencing accommodation problems so that all students will be encouraged to reside within the school premises.


The technical colleges at Afuze, Benin City, Igarra and Uromi will be resuscitated, refocused and re-equipped in line with modern technological advancement and relevance.


It is projected that post-November 12, 2016, tertiary institutions in Edo State will be active partners in internet and computer based communication. In actualising this projection, government will, in conjunction with some high net worth corporate organizations and foreign donor agencies, establish a model Information and Communication Technology (ICT) incubation centre at the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma.


The current imbalancedstudent to teacher ratio in both primary and secondary schools of the State is quite worrisome and will be urgently addressed.A dedicated Edo State Special Education Agency will be set up and it is expected to establish, staff, equip and operate the following services:


  1. Adult literacy centers (in all nooks and crannies of the State)
  2. Vocational educational centers (in the 18 local government areas) providing skills training in hair dressing, soap making, bead making, Catering, Tailoring, Shoe Making, Sewing etc.
  3. Physically-challenged persons’ learning centres (at zonal levels) providing special education and the acquisition of adaptable skills.



The PDP government will develop a specific students’ database that would enable it have an accurate number of students in recognised higher institutions in the country with a view of addressing issues such as bursary, scholarship etc.

The PDP will revisit the excessive tax paid by private school owners and also assist them to create better learning environment.

The PDP will re-introduce school sports to our public schools so that our students would be physically developed. This would in turn impact on their mental development and stem youth restiveness.

Our approach will be systematic and deliberate. Our Children are the future and we must prepare them for the future. A future where knowledge and acquired skill is power!


Place Adverts, call: 0 702 040 7106
Place Adverts, call: 0 702 040 7106
Place Adverts, call: 0 702 040 7106