Nigeria “Jagajaga:” An Unending Syndrome

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– By Iredia Osakue

When Eedris Abdulkarem sang “Nigeria Jagajaga…” the erstwhile President of Nigeria, Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo rejected the song and never danced to it. He loathed the song because it portrayed the country in a bad light. As a leader, he saw it as a misrepresentation of the country he was governing. This could mean more to a leader than the people who dance to the melodious song. Be that as it may, “Jagajaga ” can be loosely translated in English to mean; something that is in disorder, ruins or scattered. Synonyms of the above words can go on and on and the sad thing is that none of the words is palatable to the ears – it evokes pity and sorrow.

A country that is depicted in this manner simply means that the governmental structure is weak and gone adrift. Also, citizens who form the nucleus of the country’s structure are left to flounder in the ocean of despondency. Many never knew that Eedris saw tomorrow like the legendary Nostradamus. He spoke the truth then and the truth still remains to this day.

Today, Nigerians are confronted with plethora of obstacles and unending problems occasioned by lack of preparedness to govern. The ruling party took charge of governance haphazardly apparently because they were not sure of victory. It took time and time before the government was formed and in the circumstance, the country was stagnated politically and eventually metamorphosed into economic catastrophe.

The scar of maladministration and maladroit implementation of programs is evident on the faces of Nigerians as they go about their daily activities with apprehension, fear of the unknown and suspense.

This sheer omission or commission has adversely affected the country and nothing seems to be going the proper direction as expected. Worse still, the head is indifferent to the plight of the citizens as they are left to wane day after day in strength, spirit and motivation.

The salient question is, when will the people enjoy the promises made before the APC government assumed office or was it a mere political jargon calculated to hoodwink the electorate?

The emergence of APC government has derailed the future of the country into dark abyss and if this is the change the people clamoured for, then it is better to seek help from hell.

Taking Edo state as a case study because of the economic woes and untold hardship which fits the present political lapse and socio-economic situation in the country is abundantly clear that the government of the day in Edo state borrowed from the apron of a man whose intention is to bring Nigeria to a standstill or more like a runner on the treadmill.

To this end, there must be a change and not just a mere change, but a change that truly defines positive change and Edo state must be the trail-blazer as the gubernatorial election is just around the corner.

Arise Edo state and take your place!


Iredia Osakue is a Turin-based scholar, political analyst and public commentator on current affairs.

To Place Adverts: 0 702 014 6686 (WhatsApp only)
To Place Adverts: 0 702 014 6686 (WhatsApp only)

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