Opening a new page in Edo state political history

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– By Iredia Osakue

The long-awaited election in Edo state is fast approaching with a difference. The participants are not leaving any stone unturned as they race to the finishing point. In athletics, three winners take home medals, but in this case, only a candidate emerges as the winner and as such becomes the governor of the state for four long years and possibly because of good work, he could be voted for another four years as enshrined in the constitution of the country.

This is akin to the modern-day Olympic Games. This being that, athletes need four long years to prepare for the games and whoever wins hold the title until the next games. Failure to win, requires another four years of hard work, total commitment and concentration which of course is onerous. It is on this note that some athletes go out of their way to take muscle-enhancing drugs so as to excel. The importance of victory in every sphere of life cannot be overemphasized because of the comfort, fame and Honour it brings.

In the political circle, the same tactics is devised to outwit opponents. Some candidates go out of their way and rules to hoodwink or worse still intimidate the electorate as they source for support and vote.

Oftentimes, the missing link between candidates and the electorate is credibility, track record and the ability to perform when voted into office. The above ought to be the fundamental parameter acceptably required to measure the political calibre, preparedness and conviction of any candidate. But, be that as it may, the candidates cannot do without the electorate because the only sure way to victory is the electorate’s constitutional right to vote and the latitude to decide who wins. Sadly, this has been abused as some citizens out of greed or disdain over a candidate fail to act in tune with objectivity and thus sell the future to the unwelcome candidate.

Now that the citizens know all these, the right thing to do as the election time bomb ticks in Edo state is to identify the credible candidate that can right the wrongs. And considering the present political situation; the spate of abuses, executive excesses and arrogance, various degree of crimes, poverty, intolerable environmental degradation. Paucity of basic amenities, educational collapse, high rate of unemployment and infrastructural dearth, the people do not need a soothsayer to help them identify the man with the right political frame of my mind to reposition the state and catapult it to an enviable level.

Amongst the gubernatorial candidates, one stands tall like the statute of Liberty, taking into cognizance his political journey and experience. The state does not need a “pupil governor” that needs to be taught the rudiments of governance especially in this present political climate – the state requires a trusted and tested candidate who already has the blueprint of what needs to be done and not just a mere ambitious political neophyte without the genuine credentials and foresight to dispense the right dose of healing pills that can bring about a healthy society.

To this end, a new page is about to be opened and the true candidate that knows how to read through the lines and understand the formula is the ever humble and committed Edo man with a burning desire to govern according to the tenets of democracy. He is Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu. The people call him “leader” not as an act to blow matters out of proportion but an appellation that represents his purpose, idea and existence.

As you reflect on this, be it etched on your minds that “one cannot lie on the lap of Delilah and wants to wake up in the bosom of Abraham.” Also, somebody once said that, ” vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is a nightmare.” Therefore, it is a compelling necessity that we should carry the vision of this willing-to-serve man to a logical conclusion, so that the aspirations of every Edolite will be achieved when he mounts the saddle of governance.

POI is real and key to his vision for the future is now!

Iredia Osakue JP is a Nigeria writer and researcher based in Turin, Italy.

Place Adverts, call: 0 702 040 7106
Place Adverts, call: 0 702 040 7106
Place Adverts, call: 0 702 040 7106