Group condemns the eviction order on the Igbos 

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The  Reformation for Positive Initiative ( aka, Reformation and reconciliation movement) has issued a press release in Lagos  conderming the eviction order given to Igbos living in North  to evacute within three months or face forceful evinction.

In a release in Lagos  signed by its Coordinator Sir Aiyegbeni Omonhinmin, the reformation  movement, states: RPGI  received the news with shock, horror and ulta dismay the so-called evinction notice issued on 6th of June to our Igbo brothers to quite the North by some faceless and cowardly youth group.

According RPGI, the  youth group claimed that their grudge is informed by the successful stay at home order called by IPOB and MASSOP on the 30th of May, when both groups led Igbos to obseve and commemorate the 50th year of the  aborted Biafian Republic.

The statement noted in line with its reformation cradle and  friendship code, such intolerance ought and should not be allowed to take root in our polity, no matter whether they are  correct or note.

The statement lamented that: “once again this call  demostrates  the lack of  understanding of Nigeria in God’s creation”

Noting, as  reformers, the movement wishes to  remind these dis-stabilising agents of moloch that no one section of Nigeria is superior the other.

Going philodophical, RPGI noted Nigeria was created in a close knitted form and in blaze of Glory to God Almighty who created Nigeria as the biggest black nations state on earth to enrich human kind’s experiences in co-exsistance.

So, “a threat to one unit  is a threat to all”, the release stated.

The statement appeals to Nigerians that it is  about time they  understand that Nigeria is a personal family of God.

Noting “we can chose our wives and friends…but God Almighty is the one that choses where we are born, our families or our  country for us.

Adding: “we have no control of who we are,  or where we come from….just as after this short and brutish life…we don’t know where we are going, again, only God knows”  also ending in  philosophical note.

Accordingly, RPGI is consoled by the prompt and total condemnation offered by our brothers in the north,particularly its political leaders, including Arewa Consultative Forum and the Governors of the nineteen northern States on Wednesday disowning the so-called  coalition of Arewa Youths, who issued the  ultimatum to  Igbos to vacate the northern part of Nigeria within three months or be forced to leave.

RPGI alligns with ‎Borno Governor and Chairman of the Northern States Governors’ Forum, Kashim Shettima, that “they are in touch with heads of security agencies and had taken measures that will guarantee the rights of all Nigerians to live in the 19 States in the three geo-political zones, within the north”

RPGI  also agreed with them that this call, is from the pit of helll, this is why, RPGI joins others in calling on  the: “security agencies to immediately  arrest the youths  so as to  unearth the sinister  motive behind their call”

It clear opined RPGI: “that the call by the youths is  suspicious as they are clearly  proxies fighting  political battles for faceless and ambitious few  with intent to dismember Nigeria by  making Nigeria ungovernorable”

This undoubtedly “fell in line with recent trend of arms catch, coup rumours which may not be coincidental”

As reforming and reconciliation movement, RPGI holds dear and sacred  “Section 41, Subsection 1 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which  states in clear terms: “rights of all Nigerians to reside in any part of the country without any hindrance whatsoever”

The release by its Coordinator of RPGI Sir Aiyegbeni Omonhinmin  however, caution: “in arresting these misguided youths, we should not make heros of them by refering to these losers as Northern Youths….as this will justified their desire and objective” adding they are simply losers, peroid.

RPGI statement completely condenms this call in all its entirety. But also noted that characters like “Yinka Odumakin of Afenifere, should learn to address issues, instead of issuing  empty threats when tempers are high.

RPGI pleads that we should all work with Notthen leaders, who have come out openly to condenm this hollow call”

Accordingly, the release called on these so-called cultural organisations, cum political carpetbaggers  to stop  feasting on collective fears of Nigerians” which they have been doing over the years”

RPGI also called  on  Nigerian  youths across the country to invest their “time, intellect and resources on productive things that will earn them world accolades”.

RPGI further urged Igbos and Hausas living both in the North and East not to panic or give room to any intimidation.

Finally. RGPI is of the opinion that: “Nigeria is on the rough road to nationship…these are the signs”

Adverts: 0 816 807 6181
Adverts: 0 816 807 6181

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