Osaze Oyema Jesuorobo having a sober reflection.

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Just finished watching Adams Oshiomhole on Channels Television. What caught my attention was his bla bla on corruption and what he called massive looting of public funds in the country and I wondered if the man has gone ‘bunkers’.

How can a man whose administration was spending over N230m (two hundred and thirty million naira) annually to conduct primary school leaving certificate examinations while his successor he installed in office recently spent ONLY N30m (thirty million naira) for the same exam, be talking of corruption and massive looting in the country?

Is a man who borrowed N30b (thirty billion naira) or was it N25b (twenty five billion naira), his administration was not even sure of how much it borrowed, for the Benin Storm Water Project only for project to be abandoned without any explanation on how the borrowed money was spent not a proper case for the attention of the authorities of Yaba left rather than being allowed to bla bla on massive looting in Nigeria on Television?

How can we describe a man who spent billions of naira to build a fallow ‘five-star ultra modern wing’ of a dilapidated hospital, got the absentee President of Nigeria to commission the hospital wing with much fanfare, disclosed recently that he had paid 75 percent of the contract fee for the needed equipment for the hospital wing without one single equipment being supplied as at today, almost a year after commissioning, yet he is talking of massive looting by others?

HABA!!!!! Those who are close to Oshiomhole should please tell him to keep his loquacious mouth shut when it comes to the issue of corruption and massive looting of public funds. This is because his body and soul stink to high heavens from corruption and massive looting epidemic and he is not a proper person to speak on the issues.

I am confident that with time, Governor Godwin Obaseki will prove me right. It is just a matter of time and the bubble will burst. Just a matter of time. I S O K A Y.

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Adverts: 0 816 807 6181

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