Lion of Okada: Eulogy for Esama – By Bright Sado Omo

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It was long before I was conceived 

That a lion’s roaring caught the attention of my ears

It was a roar, a roar of peace and one that put me to sleep

My heart leaped for joy even though my blood trembled in its vessels.

I wondered what lion could effect so much impart but my knees had to wait

                                 For my eyes to gain sight.

                      Then I arrived and put my eyes to work.

                                     Oh the LION

                                    A great man

                              LION OF OKADA

                           Wider than Mississippi

                             Taller than Everest

                        And illuminating like the sun

                 He’s the mussel of meat in everyone’s mouth

                 A father to all even though from the south

                 Written are his works on the space of times

                                 LION OF OKADA.

                   He did come and he’s staying

                  Surely he has come to stay

                  Man of gold

                  Firm and bold

                 He has been a spear to the defenceless

                 He carried the lame when their land was on fire and

                 swam them through rivers

now I know the lion is a man

show me greatness I will show you a lion

speak impact and I will sing the lions song.

Continue to march on lion of OKADA



Bright Sado Omo is a poet, fiction writer, playwright, critic, and blogger from  Nigeria. He has written several poems which include; “Tribute to Chinua Achebe, Tribute to Elechi Amadi, Tribute to Buchi Emecheta, and much more. His first published play titled In the Struggle (2015)  was approved for some Nigeria universities. He has won Oustanding Entry in Honour of Achebe 2016 and others awards. He also has done several book reviews published on digital and print journals within Nigeria and the US. Bright Sado Omo writes for Urhokpota Reporters.

Adverts: 0 816 807 6181
Adverts: 0 816 807 6181

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    Nice one

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