APC is really not concerned about this country, it’s really sad – Gov. Obaseki

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The governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, has expressed his frustration over the Benin – Auchi road at the Ekpoma failed portion.

Obaseki’s car help up in Ekpoma bad road, hence his outbursts

The governor blamed the federal authorities for paying deaf ears to the pleas by Edo people including his government for the repair or reconstruction of the road, which has been in the last two federal budgets but with nothing done.

Lamenting, the governor admitted that his government is helpless about the state of the road.

Th governor, whose car was held down in the terribly bad road, called on the federal government, led by his own party, the All Progressives Party (APC), to stop being uncaring about the state of the road. He appealed for urgent attention.

“You know this is a major road. It’s the economic lifeline of Edo state. This is the road that takes you from Benin through the longest span of the state to Edo North.” The governor said.

“We are stuck here. We cannot get from Benin to Ekpoma because the road has failed. What is sad is (that) this could have cost us a fraction of the amount if our call was heeded two, three months ago. We had made pleas. We begged. We’ve done everything possible to the federal authorities to just help with maintenance before the rains. You can see we are cut off as a state. This is really devastating for us.” Governor Obaseki continued, in a rare display of frustration, confusion and disarray.

The governor expressed the concern that the economy of his state was severely hot by the road because, according to him, the road is the “economic lifeline” of Edo state.

“Our economy is grounded. We just don’t know. We don’t know!We are really helpless!” Governor Obaseki wailed like the Wailers.

The governor lambasted the federal government and by implication his party, accusing them of deliberately avoiding to repair the road.

“Nobody (including his own party) is really concerned about this country, it’s really sad. It’s not about federal road, it’s about Nigeria.” Obaseki said.

Two months ago, Senate Committee on Works led by PDP Senator, Engr Clifford Ordia, visited the site and commenced series of awareness about the road including a granting audience/interview to Urhokpota Reporters where the Senator representing Edo Central (worse hit by the bad road) where the Senator disclosed that the Ekpoma road rehabilitation has been in 2015, 2016 budgets with nothing done.

Minister in charge of Works, Mr Babatunde Fashola, who was educated in Edo State (Uniben) has been silent about the state of the road although he is allegedly busy constructing roads that lead to cemeteries and farmlands in his home state and the region of the 97% of the president.

Adverts: 0 816 807 6181
Adverts: 0 816 807 6181

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