Obaseki’s APC is a Magomago Party – Eni Balulu

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Immediate past leader of the Esan Central Local Government Council Legislative House and chieftain of the APC in Esan Central, Bar. Eni Afanajah Adeghebalulu, a legal practitioner also known as Eni Balulu, has criticized his party, the APC, and the governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Obaseki, for being what he termed “Magomago” implying a dubious or not straightforward entity.


In a statement which Eni Balulu made public via a WhatsApp chat room for Esan Leaders Forum, Balulu accused Governor Obaseki of not acting correctly by recognizing leaders of communities outside his home town of Irrua, which is the capital city.


Balulu specifically lambasted the governor for recognising the leaders of Opoji in Esan Central ahead of the leaders of Irrua, which Balulu argued gave Obaseki more votes, even though the APC lost that local government area to the opposition PDP.


In his words,


“Many are the stories of omissions or commissions of the Visitation of Edo State Governor  to Esan Central  LGA Irrua of Edo State.


Those who won their wards were neglected and rendered  irrelevant while  those who loss   were rewarded plentifully. Is this the new change?  Hahaha,  those who sincerely laboured are disregarded and left in cold, while those who did not even participate in the elections processes  are rewarded with  appointments. Hahaha.


“Ward one (Irrua) of Esan Central LGA Irrua of Edo State had the best winning vote in Esan Central, this is a naked truth and it’s registered  in the knowledge of all the  other wards in Esan Central LGA. But when the governor visited, he was made to disregard Ward one (1) but regard Ward nine (9) (Opoji). With INEC  result: Ward one  has 1,200+ and Ward nine has 900+ then Ward eight has 1000+.


“My people, wonder happened during  our Governor’s visit.  Hahaha. Ward 9 with 900+ votes was said to have won ward one of 1,200+ vote and ward 8 of 1000+ votes. What style  of mathematics  is this.


“NA SO MAGOMAGO DEY DO . When they want to unduly benefit you, they create unnecessary conditionalities. They will do manipulation and DABARU everything  just to make their own friend gain.”

The angry and apparently sectional Irrua politician was not done. He called on Governor Obaseki to pay more attention to facts before jumping to conclusions.

“Our Governor must always look well well before he jumps. He is having  the very bad and uglies very  close to him. Please our Governor see things by yourself for  yourself.


Adverts: 0 816 807 6181
Adverts: 0 816 807 6181

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