Obaseki’s approach to governance, a propaganda piece to deceive Edo people – Hon Isaiah Osifo

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The administration of governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Obaseki, has come under criticism by APC leader in the state and former Chief of Staff in the administration of Prof Oserheimen Osunbor,  Hon Isaiah Osifo.

Osifo hails from Isi in Uhunmwode LGA of Edo State, same locality where the governor declared he comes from but which he has not visited since be emerged governor of the state by the grace of INEC and the courts.

Hon Osifo who was formerly a council boss in Uhunnwode LGA, in a treatise which he published titled “GODWIN OBASEKI ONE YEAR IN OFFICE AND HIS PLEASURE OF APC SILENCE” a copy of which was made available to Urhokpota Reporters, described Obaseki’s achievement as more or less cosmetic attempts at propaganda while cautioning him against taking the ‘silence’ of his disgruntled party members for granted.

According to Osifo, the silence of the APC members within the first year of Obaseki’s four year term is negative.

“In this one year in office, His Excellency Godwin Obaseki has been enjoying the silence of APC, its membership and leadership in Edo state. In a party Democracy, it is negative for an elected governor on the platform of a political party and his praise-singers to count the silence of his party as an achievement. The governor may not be aware of the implication, hence the glaring pleasure that he has been deriving from it.” Osifo said.

For Mr Osifo, Obaseki has not however failed in every area within his first one year in office. He praised the governor for the reduced cost of “about 30 million naira” of conducting the primary six exam which his predecessor of the same party, the APC, had spent a scandalous amount in excess of 200 million naira.

Osifo had this to say;

“However, there are areas that have been impressive in the performance of the governor – the conduct of the First School Leaving Certificate Examinations with less than 30 million Naira as compared to over 200 million Naira  by the previous government is worthy of commendation.”

On the approach of the governor whether towards governance and projects in Edo State, Mr Osifo was blunt. He described the approach of the Edo governor as “bogus” and “a propaganda” even though he held the opinion that they were genuine intentions.

“I see the genuine intentions of the governor within his one year in office, but the approach towards the realisation of many of these good intentions are either bogus or deliberately worked out as a propaganda piece to deceive Edo people.”

Osifo shared the opinion that the governor’s talk about agriculture as his main trust was deceptive as, according to him, “there is no infrastructure in the ministry of Agriculture or Edo state Agricultural Development  Project (ADP) to suggest that the government is serious with the development of agriculture in Edo state.”

The former forner political manager of former Governor Osunbor adcised the Edo State governor to stay more at home and minimise his regular foreign trips in search of investors. As he opined that those trips abroad were deliberate waste of public funds.

In concluding his assessment statement which was to mark Obaseki’s one year in office, Mr Osifo expressed concern that the governor continue to keep sealed lips over the status of Adams Oshiomhole’s so-called “Five Star” hospital in Benin City for which Edo state government spent billions of tax payer’s money while at the same time they are hosting a jamboree “elaborate ALAGHODARO Summit, but the same government is not worried over the billions of Naira of Edo money spent to build an abandoned hospital.”

The final word in assessment of Obaseki’s administration by the APC leader in Uhunmwode LGA was that Obaseki’s approach was “a contradiction and a bogus approach to attain a genuine intention.”

Adverts: 0 816 807 6181
Adverts: 0 816 807 6181

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