They withdrew my security for preaching against killings- Bishop Isa El-Buba

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Popular Plateau state prophet, Bishop Bishop Isa El-Buba who released a critical national broadcast video that went viral has opened up to the Press on his experience with the Nigerian security services which laid seige on his house and church after his broadcast.

In the video that trended on social media, Bishop Isa El-Buba asked Nigerians to defend themselves against the killings by Herdsmen and also to use their voters card to reject the second term bid of Nigerian President, Gen Muhammadu Buhari.

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The Jos evangelical preacher cried out to Nigerians that the Nigerian government withdrew his personal and church security guards in apparent retaliation for his preaching against the criminality of the Herdsmen and opposition to Buhari’s second term bid

In a video interview monitored by URHOKPOTA REPORTERS, Bishop Isa El-Buba confirmed that his church and house were besieged by men of the Nigerian secret police – DSS.

The following conversation ensued between reporters and the Bishop.

Q: We want to know the truth of the matter what transpired

Isa-El-Buba: It is true. The men of the DSS came in here after the service in the evening and demanded that I’m needed at the Head Quarters last night and basically I have alot of other engagements. And I told them I can’t make it last night because I have other engagements of people am going to be seeing and they stationed themselves all over the place and I spoke with the Director and they said they are going to wait till midnight 1.00am to 2.00am to have me, and of cause to whisk me away.

So but I presented my position. I’m not stepping anywhere because I have a lot of engagements. So they besieged the entire complex and they were around.

The young men and women also stood their grounds that I’m going nowhere and that was what truly transpired. While I was here, they have also gone to the house and they were also waiting there at home. So it actually happened I’m glad that I stood to defend the position of what is right.

Q. Ok sir, was there any written (document) given for this visitation when they came or was there anything like letter.

Isa-El-Buba: There was no letter  There was no formal invitation. They came in the night. And for anything to happen in the night you know what it is and of course was for me to go and from there whisked away and to be kept silent. But then there was no form and I don’t know who these people are and there is no way I can just respond by conversation with the Director of SS or whoever I don’t know their identity.

I don’t no who they are. There have to be a proper channel if whatever, and a proper channel of whatever and of cause I have known myself that I have committed no crime anywhere that I should – and (even) if I have committed (a crime) there is a due process that is to be followed and I should be able to have my family and I should be able to have the people around, to be able to hear what the true crime is. You can’t just come at midnight to try to whisk me away. No. It’s not going to be possible.

Q. Is it true that, we were told, that an attempt to withdraw your security men?

Isa-El-Buba: The security men were withdraw. I mean immediately after this things (the video broadcast) the security men that guard (this church area), this place has been known through the years as a security flash point and the Area Commander has always come to sweep all this entire environment at all times and because of that they have stationed men for years.

Yesterday, very surprisingly, in the midnight, this security guard were all withdrawn. Last midnight. So it means that as a citizen of this country and knowing fully well that I stand to defend the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians, and even the government itself, that they can withdraw the security men that are safeguarding an environment that is hosting thousands of thousands of men and women. It is so amazing.

Q. Sir, my encounter with one of the senior officers yesterday on what was the conversation in the night, he told me that yes, there are certain things they wanted you to explain without him telling me of what you should explain. Do you believe there is anything to explain?

Isa-El-Buba: Well if there is anything I need to explain, I mean it’s easy, it’s simple. Put it down (in writing) for me to explain A.B.C.D. and, like I have said, I have given a national broadcast and the national broadcast I have given is the solution to the Nigeria state and the solution to Nigeria state is for things to be put right. So if you want me to answer certain questions of course I am available to answer those questions. Put them down for me and I will answer those questions. When it comes to national unity, when it comes to national stability, all I am asking for is the greater Nigeria to be the Nigeria (of our dreams).

Nigeria is not going to break. The fact is that there has to be realignment and there has to be renegotiation of basic things that are going on, we cannot be seeing injustice, injustice over and over, and then generations after generations has been killed in their soul and spirit. We can’t take that. We have to restore justice and of cause the voices of Justice can never be Silence.

Q. Sir, there are this fear that because you are from the North the same of forces of the hierarchy might want you to be quiet about what is happening and one of their own is talking about what the system is doing?

Isa-El-Buba: I know I have been called upon, I have been asked that as a vocal prominent voice in the northern Nigeria my voice is respected for one reason I should have played along but the facts is that yes am a northerner. One of the spirit if a true northerner is that a true northerner hate injustice, that is a true spirit of a northerner. He hates injustice. The true northerner is a care person. The true northerner defends the helpless. That is the true spirit of the northerner.

My father stood for this. He fought the First World War. He fought the Second World War and he stood to defend this country all through his life and I think I cannot watch while things are happening and my people in the north are suffering more.

The northerners are suffering. If you see the rate of suffering in the North, it is pathetic and of course I can’t watch that it doesn’t matter what the cabals or oligarchy or whatever. The facts is that truth can never be buried. A light must always shine in the midst of darkness.

Q. Sir, what is your final appeal to your followers.?

Isa-El-Buba: My appeal to everybody; lets stay focused and let’s know that a new Nigeria must be born. We must arise as a people to defend our country. Nigeria will be great  Protect Nigeria. Like I have always said, don’t take laws into your hands. Make sure you stand your ground. Get your PVC. Make sure that you register in a political party. We must make sure not just about electing leaders into positions, we must make sure that we clean from up, from the bottom to the top and do what is right. Let us stay focused as we keep praying.

Q. Sir, on a lighter note has the nation yesterday interrupted your 21 days program?

Isa-El-Buba: It won’t. It has not. I am continuing today by the grace of God. My spirit is strong. My spirit is vibrant. I’m passionate. Look here, it is when a man is so concerned about himself that he becomes so self conscious. I am a father of five, two grandchildren and I’m looking forth to a time I will see these children having the glorious Nigeria. They need need not to travel anywhere in the world. They will be proud of Nigeria as a country. A land that is blessed with mineral resources with all mineral resources. A land that is blessed with all things. Nigeria will be great. So I am not intimidated and am not in any way moved. My spirit is calm, strong and vibrant.

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Adverts: 0 816 807 6181
Adverts: 0 816 807 6181