Shaibu set to take over leadership of the APC, secret plot uncovered

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By Faith Iguodala Okoro

The Edo State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu is said to be making subterranean moves to snatch effective leadership of the APC structures from the Governor through having the upper hand in the scheduled Party Congresses in Edo State.

This revelation was leaked to URHOKPOTA REPORTERS by a source who is a member of the Edo State Government, who however pleaded anonimity.

According to our impeccable source, “The Deputy Governor disclosed to one of his supporters that an attempt by the governor, Mr Obaseki, to interfer in the internal politics of Edo North undermining the interests of the Deputy Governor would be met with a shocker.”

According to our source, the Governor would be threading on a gun power & he should be ready for a showdown. Our source confided in the newspaper that the Deputy Governor claimed that he is ready & currently working to use his growing structures across the 18 LGAs and 192 Wards in Edo State to checkmate the Governor in the forthcoming APC wards, LGAs and State congresses prior to Edo 2002, particularly if the governor dared to work at cross purposes with the former governor in his bid to replace Chief John Odigie Oyegun as APC Chairman.

One issue that is said to be bothering the Deputy Governor according to our source is the outcome of the March 3rd 2018 LGA Election, particukpart in Ward 12, Etsako West LGA,  where one Mr Mamudu Lukman who is said to be the Consensus wWar councillorship candidate of the APC but was maneuvered by the Deputy Governor in favour of Shaibu’s brother in-law, Mr Okhamila Canjethan.

The action of the Deputy Governor allegedly led to the detection of  Mr Mamud Lukman to the ADP along with his supporters.

The confusion generated by this led to the people of Iriekpa community, where Shiabu’s wife is a registered voter, along side APC supporters in the ward, voting for Mr Mamud Lukman of the ADP in the March LGA.

It is alleged that Mr Mahmood Lukman garnered more votes cast but the election result was rigged in favour of Mr Okhamila Canjethan of APC.

Not satisfied with the result declared by EDSIEC, Mr Mamud Lukman dragged the matter to court to seek to reclaim his allegedly stolen mandate.

The case is currently before Edo State High court Benin City.

The  people of Iriekpa community and Ward 12 in Etsako West LGA, according to our reporter visited the area, claim to be ready for a showdown with the Deputy Governor by moving massively to Court and testify to reclaim what they described as “Mr Mamudu’s stolen mandate”

Some of the people, majority of those interviewed, said they want Mr Governor Obaseki to allow justice to prevail without interfering in the on going judicial process.

But our source said that the Deputy Governor, Hon Philip Shiabu, has boasted that any attempt for Governor Obaseki to allow the judiciary to upturn the victory of his brother in-law would be met with “political consequences”.

Adverts: 0 816 807 6181
Adverts: 0 816 807 6181
Adverts: 0 816 807 6181