Go back to House of Assembly – Obaseki orders Edoror

The Edo State governor, Dr. Godwin Obaseki, has ordered the former Edo State Speaker who is now the Deputy Speaker, Engr Victor Edoror, to stop his campaign for the Federal House of Representatives.

Hon Victor Edoro HOR poster already released

The secret meeting was called by the Edo State governor at the Government House in Benin. The governor was visibly worried about the prospects of loosing Edo Central to the opposition due to the growing agitation against marginalisation in the District. Thus he ordered the Deputy Speaker to rather go back for the position of Member representing Esan Central LGA constituency at the Edo State House of Assembly.

All Progressive Party

According to one of our two sources at the meeting, the decision to return Edoro to the House of Assembly was  “especially because a popular young aspirant from the opposition party in Ward 8 has backed out of the race and our calculation is that it’s better to close that local government area quickly and also to get Edoro back so they may be able to let him be Speaker.”

Coalition of Esan Youth Leaders, a campaign banner

Governor Obaseki invited all the aspirants from each of the 18 local government to government house to tell them his governnent’s preferences ahead of the All Progressives Congress (APC) primaries.

In Esan Central, Governor Obaseki said Hon. Victor Edoror should contest for Edo State House of Assembly and not Federal House of Representatives.

Consequently, all those who had been jostling for the position in APC including Mr. Farooq and Hon. Balulu, a former leader of the Legislative Arm in Esan Central LGA, who had already bought the nomination form were asked to step down for Edoro.

But Irrua Lawyer, former Leader of the Legislative Arm of Esan Central LGA and frontline aspirant from Ward 1, Hon Adaghebalulu popularly known as Balulu, has faulted the alleged governor’s order and vowed to go ahead and contest the election.

“They have killed Esan land politically… Those ones will look for a way and ways to reduce and disregard and deprive Esan land for their own gains.” Balulu blurted at a social media platform.

“Ok, look at Eguare Irrua plotting of candidates. The House of Representatives candidate is in Eguare , Irrua town. The House of Assembly candidate they a plotting to put it at Eguare. Those are APC. The pdp has Senator at Eguare Irrua and he pick a House of Assembly candidate in same Eguare Irrua. And they want people from the other wards to vote for their political selfishness and foolishness. The… party leaderships a watching and wondering if they have misplaced their thinking faculties. Hahahaa, tramadol and ganja unlimited.” Balulu mocked the decision to zoned the House of Assembly to Edoro.

Hon Balulu’s poster, he vows to resist any imposition

In Esan West, it was Macus Onobu for EDHA. In our next report, we shall give a full list of all those anointed by the governor and their positions. Follow this Page.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the APC in Edo State, Barr Anselm Ojezua, was reportedly not in that meeting. He is currently in America. It is not clear whether as State Chairman he was even consulted. Under Ojezua’s watch, all the Edo Central legislators who had been validly elected Speakers were violently booted out of office without as much as a public criticism or condemnation from him.

Barr Anselm Ojezua, APC Chairman, Edo State

It is also not clear whether the National Chairman of the Party and Leader of the Party in Edo State, Mr Adams Oshiomhole, also endorsed the decision of the governor. But in our next report we shall bring you the report of that investigation.

It is illegal for Police to search your Phones, Laptops or Bank Accounts without Court Order – IG of Police

Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris, has transmitted a matching order to policemen in Nigeria, especially the FSARS unit, who got the transmission to desist from checking citizens’ account details, phones or laptops without valid order from the court and authorisation by the Commissioner of Police in the State.

Idris told the operatives of the reformed Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, FSARS, to desist from checking citizens’ bank account details forthwith, warning them not to invade people’s phones and laptops unless they have a court order or an instruction from the commissioner of police in charge of a state police command.

Speaking during the weekend at a workshop on the reformed FSARS in Owerri, Imo state, the IGP warned that any FSARS operatives who violated the new rules would be dismissed from the Force immediately.

Ibrahim, who was represented by the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the IGP’s X-Squad, Amaechi Elumelu, said that any FSARS operative who handles cases not related to armed robbery and kidnapping would equally be dismissed from the Nigeria Police Force.

He said that under the new era in FSARS, the operatives must be professional and respect the rights and privileges of all citizens.

The IGP recalled that in the past, FSARS was considered the most elitist and professional Unit of the Police Force because of its conduct.

He regretted that in the last two years, the Unit had been riddled with allegations of abuse and excesses which made the public to call for its disbandment.

He said, “under the reformed FSARS, it is illegal to search suspects phones, computers, or inquire about their bank account details without proper authorization.

“Henceforth, the FSARS Commanders must get directives from the State Commissioners before invading people’s privacies. Any officer who disobeys will be dismissed.”

The police boss disclosed that all operatives of FSARS would undergo medical evaluation in order to guarantee their mental, psychological, emotional conditions.

He advised all FSARS operatives to be computer literate in order to adapt to the current innovations going on in the department.

The police boss warned the operatives not to detain any suspect for more than 48 hours without a remand order from the court.

He also called for the establishment of a Medical Department in FSARS so as to provide medical assistance to sick suspects.

Obaseki’s new price regime on C of O, lifts investor confidence in Edo – EDOGIS boss

Managing Director of Edo Geographic Information Service (EDOGIS), Arch. Frank Evbuomwan, has said that investor confidence in all sectors of the state is on the rise, with easier, cheaper and convenient way of processing title documents for landed property.

Evbuomwan, who disclosed this during an interview with journalists in Benin City, the state capital, noted that the process has now been computerised and is now customer-focused.

According to him,

“Our processes are computerised; we are very seamless now. When you come around, you will find that we have developed a system for customer service, which is because we are a customer-focused agency now. It is very much easier now, a lot cheaper and we have put in a lot of conveniences to ensure that even those who are outside the country can benefit from our services.”

On the new cost regime in acquiring Certificate of Occupancy (C-of-O) in the state, he explained, “C-of-Os differ from land to land. For instance, a piece of land measuring 100×100 feet in a place down Airport Road, which C-of-O, would have cost between N300,000 and N350, 000, now goes for far less. I am talking about official cost, under the new regime, on that same piece of land you will get the C-of-O for as little as N60,000, with no extra payment.

On the process of acquiring the title, he said,

“All you need do is to come in here, fill your application form, we will give you the offer letter. You will pay for the C-of-O and you will not need to pay for any other thing or see any other person until we call you in to come and pick up your C-of-O, signed by the governor.”

On the price variations for the different range of property, he said,

“If you have a plot measuring 100×200, the difference in cost is just N10, 000. So, the 100×200 plot will cost N70, 000. It is not geometric. We have a new website: www.edogis.org, which contains the terms and conditions for getting a C-of-O, including the prices. This is the first time in the history of this state that government will put the prices in public domain. So, you can actually calculate how much your C-of-O will cost, by yourself.”

According to Evbuomwan, the renewed focus of the agency has improved the rating of the state on the ease of doing business, noting,

“First of all, in the ease of doing business index being monitored by the World Bank, out of the 36 states with the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Edo State stands at about 28th to 29th position. Before now, to get your C-of-O, it took a period of six months to three to four years, or even more. In Rwanda, which is an African country, to get your title, it takes 24 hours. One of the first things we decided to do when Governor Obaseki assumed office was a marching order to cut down the time for getting C-of-O. We are committed to delivering your certificate in 30 days. Our goal obviously is to try as much as possible to match the Rwanda time, and we are starting with 30 days.”

Lagos police clamp down on homosexuals

Investigation reveal that a case was reported to the Police in Egbeda division that a group of young men who allegedly belong to the outlawed Gay Society of Nigeria were at a club named Kelly Ann Hotel, Egbeda.

The Police in Lagos State, Sunday, commenced clampdown on homosexuals in the state. According to eye witnesses account and police sources, the raid occurred on Sunday (yesterday) at about 6.00pm in the Egbeda area of Lagos State.

Urhokpota Reporter’s investigation reveal that a case was reported to the Police in Egbeda division that a group of young men who allegedly belong to the outlawed Gay Society of Nigeria were at a club named Kelly Ann Hotel, Egbeda.

The Kelly Ann Hotel is reported to have been notorious for hosting homosexuals and their activities in the area, a situation that has led many people in the neighborhood to lodge series of complains to the Police in times past.

The Police went to the area and discovered that homosexual activity was actually going on thus decided to apprehend the suspects involved in the very act.

Three suspects escaped arrest while the Police was able to nab only two of the suspects. Mr Ewaen Peter Erhunmwunsee, Emeka Orji and Nonso Nwanchinemelo, according to Police sources, narrowly escaped arrest with the help of one Mr. Marco Bleve, a foreigner construction worker, who was also indulging in the same act.

We are engaging real stakeholders, not Hirelings like Galadima and Afegbua

Factional National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress  (APC) who’s emergence as Chairman a fortnight ago is bring challenged by the Reformed All Progressives Congress (R-APC), Adams Oshiomhole, says he cannot lose sleep over the breakaway faction of the embattled ruling party.

Describing members of the new faction as “hired mercenaries,” Oshiomhole said he had been engaging “real stakeholders” of the party as part of measures of resolving the crisis in APC.

He disclosed this while addressing newsmen at the national assembly after marathon meetings with the APC caucus in the House of Representatives.

“There is no breakup in our party, if one Galadima is not happy, that is fine. He has a right no to be happy,” the former Edo State Governor who has loads of petitions bothering on fraud and misappropriation hanging on his neck at the EFCC said.

“We know those who are in the system. Those who are seeking breakup that is their problem. We are engaging real stakeholders. I mean between the executive and the two arms of the national assembly.” Oshiomhole said in apparent reference to Galadima the factional chairman and Afegbua the factional publicity Secretary and Oshiomhole’s former Media Aide.

“We have very important influential leaders we are engaging. If people are being sponsored by those who thought our convention will be a failure, those who were expecting implosion, so be it.

“… So they find mercenaries who are willing to be hired for a purpose, they have right to be hired but will not cause any distraction within the core of APC leaders.”

Oshiomhole ruled out the fear that the splinter group would affect the chances of the party in the 2019 elections.

Urhokpota Reporters will follow this development and as usual be your best source of correct information.

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Edo Central youth leaders serve warning to Edo Speaker, demand his resignation for geopolitical balance

Youth leaders from Edo Central Senatorial District of Edo State also known as Esanland, under the aegis of Coalition of Esan Youth Leaders, have petitioned the Edo State House of Assembly asking the Speaker, Hon Kabiru Adjotu, representing Akoko-Edo in the House, to stop marginalising and oppressing the Esan legislators in the House.

In their Petition signed by …. youth leaders, the Edo Central people also demanded the stepping aside of Hon Kabiru Adjoto as Speaker of the Edo State House of Assebly for a more competent legislator from Edo Central to lead the House and foster balance in the geopolitics of Edo State.

The youth leaders vowed that they would make the seat very uncomfortable for Hon Adjoto is justice is not enforced in the leadership of the House.  They said they were tired of being complacent about their rights and the real and perceived political emasculation of the Edo Central people under the APC government in Edo State.

The youth leaders are comprised of various organisations most of them registered in Nigeria and operating in Edo State. Some of them are members of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC), some of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and others are non aligned civil society leaders.

The two pages petition was signed by Kingsley Ohens leader of Esan Youths Movement, Saintmoses Eromosele leader of Oneghe Sele Foundation, Ekeoba Odion leader if Esan United Association, Oamen Stanley leader of Uromi Youth Movement, Christopher Okokorie leader of Esan People’s Forum. Others are Arch Edward AKHAINE and Hon George Washington Egbele.

The youths highlighted the humiliation meted out to the former Speaker and current Deputy Speaker of the House,  Hon Victor Edoror, by Hon Kabiru Adjoto.

Hon Ajoto had last week accused the Deputy Speaker of antiparty activities and set up what Edoro called an “illegal committee” to investigate Edoror for leaking official secrets to the public. This is the usual pattern towards suspending perceived opponent. A Nigeria Court, when approached by Sen Omo-Agege, has ruled that the legislative leader has no power to suspend a legislator. Whether the Edo State House of Assembly will respect that ruling remains to be seen.

Meanwhile the Esan youth leaders noted that Hon Adjoto’s plot was an insulting scheme to further humiliate the Esan people in the house and they vowed that Hon Adjoto action would be viewed as “a declaration of war on the Esan people” warning that “We are a peaceful people but we are well known for centuries as warriors…”

It will be recalled that Hon Adjoto emerged Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly in August 2017 following a violent impeachment of the former speaker, Dr Justin Okonobo, where Adjoto was involved in fighting inside the Legislative Chambers and forcing his way as Speaker of the House with contentious 19 of the 24 unverified signatories of members the Edo State House of assembly.

One of the allegations levelled against Okonoboh by the Adjoto putsch was that Hon Okonoboh shut down the House to attend his son’s graduation in the United States.

They also accused Okonoboh’s wife of driving in her husband’s official vehicle, and also that she tries to influence the decision of the state’s legislature by influencing her husband at home.

But lawyers and citizens argue that those excuses are not only flimsy but puerile and insensitive especially when viewed against the backdrop that it was a case of Edo North which already had Deputy Governor, former Governor, State Leader of the Party and now National Leader of the Party from that district whereas Edo Central Senatorial District for the past eight years have been virtually removed from every sensitive position in Edo State and nationally in an alleged plot to humiliate and decimate the people who have contributed to much to the independence of Nigeria, as well as the infrastructure, political and educational development of Nigeria through Anthony Enahoro,  Ambrose AllI,  Arch Onolenmenmen and others.

When  contacted for comments,  Assembly workers who spoke on condition of anynimity acknowledged receipt of the Petition by courier and by hand and expressed joy that the Esan people have finally united and will soon take back what rightfully belongs to them.

Empowering entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Youths across Edo State this week, June 12-14 gathered at SIO Events Center, GRA,  Benin City, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in Nigeria. The 3-days  workshop tagged Youth Empowered was organised by Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company. Urhokpota Reporers’ Richard Okundia was there and filed this report.
No fewer than 500 youths in Edo State have benefited from this year’s ‘Youth Empowered’, a training programme organised by the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company.
The workshop aimed  to equipping  Nigerian youths with life and business skills for their personal development as well as enable them to transition to meaningful job positions.
The first day of the workshop saw participants divided into groups of 20 participants, mentors assigned to them and grilled on life skills. In his welcome message, the Regional Public Affairs Manager, East/Central, Nigeria Bottling Company, Ekuma Eze, informed participants that Youth Empowered represents a wave of self discovery going on simultaneously across the 28 countries Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company is operating and that Nigeria is the only African country among them.
He urged  the participants to develop brilliant business ideas as the group with the best proposal will be funded to take off immediately.
Declaring the workshop open, the Executive Governor of Edo State charged participants to take the training seriously. He promised to support the initiative by sponsoring two additional business propoposals from the pool of best proposals from the workshop. Noting that of the two proposed firms, the state intends to support, one would be exclusive for women.
Lectures on the first day focused on career and life  skills  and was facilitated by Ekundayo Odele who took the participants on an introspective session on  having a short, medium and long term goal. She also focused on CV writing,  Interviewing and networking skills with some simulation exercises.
Samuel Obafemi facilited the days that followed.
 Day 2 focused on skills of project and time management,  identifying business opportunities, communicating the opportunity and using the business model canvas. With the help of the mentors, groups used the business model canvas to bring to life  their Various business ideas.
Day 3 started with a crash course on financial literacy, negotiation and sales skills where the facilitor used videos and simulations to help participants appreciate the course.
The workshop climaxed with the proposal  pitching challenge by representatives of the various groups.
At the end of the challenge, Group 4 under the mentorship of Esohe Esther Idehen emerged winner of the 2018 Youth Empowered Benin.
They sold the uniqueness of coconuts with their ‘Hetty Coconut Hub’ idea.
Some participants at the end of workshop expressed their opinions of the workshop.
Precious Ojike, a Business Administration and Management student of the Federal Polytechnic Auchi expressed satisfaction with the organisers, adding that the workshop has helped her grasp practical knowledge of her field of study. On self re-discovery she said, “I came here with the mentality that it is better to pursue employment careers. With this training, I am going back home well  equipped to set up events management firm”.
Justice Eromonsele, a graduate of Sociology said that the workshop has exposed him to the world of business. “I’m delighted to have learned how to work in a team and this knowledge has eluded me prior to this workshop” he said. Another participant, Tina Osagiede, a postgraduate student at the University of Benin said the programme has helped sparked off entrepreneurial traits in her. Commending the organzers she said, “This is a worthy project my NBC to curb youth unemploymen, I encourage other organizations to borrow a leaf from this initiative”. She planned to disrupt research laboratory industry with her newly acquired innovative ideas upon completion of her postgraduate degree. Ehi Ijie, a piggery farmer expressed delight with the organisers and solicit for increment in the number of ideas that receive funding. “It’s disappointing group seven did not get to win the challenge, we nonetheless hope to pursue to a logical conclusion the idea we conceived in this workshop” he said. Andrew Ogiamen, a cassava farmer who is also a member of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture thanked NBC for helping to reduce the weight of unemployment on government shoulder. “At a time like this, government can not do it all, I appreciate NBC for its capacity building efforts” he said. He promised to use knowledge gained to better position his business for greater success.

Governor Obaseki declares Coca-Cola Hellenic’s Youth Empowered Workshop open in Benin

By Richard Okundia

L-R: Edo State Commissioner for Wealth Creation, Cooperatives and Employment, Emmanuel Usoh; Regional Pubic Affairs Manager, East/Central, Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) Ltd., Ekuma Eze; Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki; Chief Executive Officer, Unocasq and facilitator of ‘Youth Empowered’, Ekundayo Odele; Regional Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Lagos/West, NBC, Ifeoma Okoye; and Commissioner for Youth and Special Duties, Hon. Mika Amanokha, at the Youth Empowered workshop organised by Coca-Cola Hellenic in Benin City.

Governor Godwin Obaseki  has declared open the Youths Empowered Programme  of the Coca-Cola Hellenic in Benin City the Edo State capital.
The Governor  who was accompanied by the Commissioner for Wealth Creation, Cooperatives and Employment, Barr. Emmanuel Usoh and host of others.
While declaring the workshop open the Governor said that the state government will support the setting up of two additional firms from the pool of best ideas from the participants. Noting that of the two firms the state intends to support, one would be exclusive for women.
He disclosed: “We have set aside some funds to support you. We will provide you with the opportunity to create two companies, with one of the companies to be exclusive for women.”
Noting that the state was poised for growth, Obaseki explained that the best way to achieve sustainable development is to put in place mechanisms that will engender entrepreneurial skills and  opportunities for people to realise their full potential.
He added, “Through the state government’s various skills development programmes, we will continue to support and encourage youths to improve talent required for sustainable development.”
According to the governor, “We are strenghtening education using technology, we don’t necessarily have to go through the stages developed countries went through. We can take advantage of technology.
Obaseki noted that the workshop by the Coca-Cola Hellenic was crucial, as his administration will continue to create opportunities for youths to acquire skills, and match them with existing job opportunities through the EdoJobs’ portal.
Affirmed his administration’s commitment to continue to support companies who are helping in developing youths’ entrepreneurial skills. “My administration has set up policies that will ensure that we take advantage of such skills, and create the atmosphere for our youths to have a better future for themselves,” he noted.
He charged the participants to take the 3 days training seriously and register on the EdoJobs portal through which they can be assisted and their progress monitored.
Regional Public Affairs Manager, East/Central, Nigeria Bottling Company Ltd, Ekuma Eze, commended the governor for finding time to encourage the participants, urging the participants, who have been divided into groups, to develop brilliant business ideas as those with best proposals will be funded.
In his address, Mr Eze said “We are gathered here today on a journey of self discovery. Youth Empowered is a wave of discovery going on simultaneously across the 28 operating countries of Coca-Cola Hellenic and Nigeria is the only African country among them.”

Child Labour: Obaseki decries widespread practice, warns of sanctions

The Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has condemned the use of children as labourers by employers of labour and warned that his administration will not accept any form of exploitation of children in the state.

Obaseki gave the warning on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labour, marked by the United Nations each year.

While acknowledging the influx of companies into the state, with the state government’s reinvigorated efforts at creating the enabling environment for businesses to thrive, the governor maintained that his administration will not be home to obnoxious labour practices such as the recruitment of children to work.

“We are committed to equipping our children with quality education for a prosperous future. We have robust laws and policies that guarantee the rights of children in the state and will activate these laws and policies in the event that children are being exploited or abused anywhere in the state,” he said.

The governor urged Edo people and residents to report any case of exploitation of children to the law enforcement agencies for prosecution as the state government has sensitised the enforcement agencies to treat such cases with dispatch.

He further warned that forced labour and human trafficking have no place in the emerging Edo State, and advised parents, guardians and caregivers to be alive to their responsibilities of educating their children.

“The International Labour Organisation in 2002 launched the day to focus attention on the global extent of child labour and the action and efforts needed to eliminate it. Each year in June, the World Day brings together governments, employers and workers organizations, civil society, as well as millions of people from around the world to highlight the plight of child labourers and what can be done to help them,” the UN body said.

Enabulele charges private school owners to improve quality of education

Proprietors of private primary schools in Ovia South-West local government area have been charged to improve the quality of education they impact to the children in the LGA.

The Executive Chairman of LGA, Comrade Destiny Oghayerio Enabulele, gave the charge on Thursday, during a meeting with the proprietors and other stakeholders in the education sector of the LGA.

Present at the meeting were the the Chief Inspector of Education in the LGA, Mrs. Gladys Fred-Osunde, the Education Secretary of the local government area, Mrs. Ifueko Aiguobarueghian and owners of 18 of the 24 registered private primary schools in the LGA.

“The reason for this meeting is not to witch-hunt anybody. The purpose is to appeal to your inner mind to do the needful, because, at that level, you are grooming the future of this country. Any defect at that level cannot be corrected at the university or anywhere.

“Why we decided to pick interest in the education of our citizens is because our success as a local government depends on the quality of the citizens we produce. If we have a vibrant and informed citizenry, we will produce a vibrant and informed local government.

“We want to create the enabling environment for us to have more private schools. Let us know your challenges, we will look at it and see how we could intervene, so that you could strive to make an impact

“We will colaborate with the ministry of education and the local education board to see how we can revive extra curricular activities, in the areas of inter-school debate, essay writing and quiz competitions,” Enabulele said.

He bemoaned the situation whereby primary school pupils are already involved in cultism.

The Chief Inspector of Education in the LGA, Mrs. Gladys Fred-Osunde, gave assurances of her willingness to cooperate with all stakeholders to revamp education in the LGA.

“I assure you that we will work together, since you have the vision, to bring back extra curricular activities, to bring back old values again,” Fred-Osunde assured.

On her part, the Education Secretary of the local government area, Mrs. Ifueko Aiguobarueghian, lammented the many unregistered private schools operating in the area, adding that some of the proprietors of such schools do threaten her staff for daring to complain about the state of their schools.

“Whenever I go on monitoring and supervision, I see so many unregistered private schools in mushroom buildings like poultry,” she lammented.

Also speaking, Mr. Ofurie Godson, the proprietor of Gilgal Education Centre, Iguobazuwa, described the meeting as a “sooting balm” to the nerves of the private school owners, adding that it would motivate them to do better.

“We are also poised to ensure that we do the local government proud and we will also take the charge given to us by the Chairman seriously, to improve the quality of education in the local government area,” he said.

The Supervisor for Education, Miss Tessy Omoyemwen Ekhator, disclosed that the Council has concluded arrangements to commence monitoring of the over 30 private primary schools operating in the LGA.

A committee to be chaired by the Vice Chairman of the Council, Hon. Fred Aimienwanwu, was set up to investigate a private school currently operating at Udo in a very dangerous environment.

Also present at the meeting were Mr. Monday Osagunmwenwan who tutored Comrade Enabulele in primary 4 at Ozolua Model Primary School, Iguobazuwa, and Rev. Olubiyi Oluwajuoshin, who also tutored the wife of the Council boss from JSS 1 through SS 3, but are both private school owners today.

Highlight of the meeting was the presentation prizes to Master Solomon Wisdom, an SS 2 student of Gilgal Education Centre, Iguobazuwa, who won a trophy and a medal after coming 3rd in the essay writing competition organised by the State to mark this year’s Children Day celebration.

Enabulele said the performance of Wisdom “has made us proud, that is to tell you there is hope, “just as he announced a full scholarship for the victorious student for his SS 3.

A meeting with head teachers of all primary schools in the LGA with the Council boss has been scheduled to hold next week.

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