Edo Decides 2016: The prospect of a new dawn in Edo State – Iredia Osakue, JP

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Faith as we know, is the expectation of things to happen with hope that it will materialize. This is achieved having prayed fervently, putting your trust in it and believing in God, the creator.

The Edolites have been patient enough and their strength as I know is drawn from hope and with the notion of better days ahead. They are a people who never give up easily and believe in divine intervention in hard times and rejoice with praises to God in victory.

This trait is innate and a divine gift to the people of Edo state. In the face of trouble, they search for solution rather than dwelling on the matter, this philosophy has helped tremendously in solving many perceived insurmountable issues.

Here they are again, with another big challenge: the forthcoming gubernatorial election. Stakeholders and participants are warming up, planning and strategizing all in an attempt to have the day. The unseen thing is that they are also capable of planning unfavorable and sinister agenda aimed at outwitting their perceived formidable adversaries. This can come in an abominable manner or in circumstances opposed to civility.

As a result, hope could be dashed and expectations lost. To this end, all hands must be on deck. The good people of the state must resist every untoward situation and prompt in amending leakages regardless of where it is coming from.

The people must know and remember always that “the voice of the people is the voice of God.” Your input determines the day and under the face of democracy, the only weapon that is required in the political battlefield is the right to cast your vote for any candidate of your choice and this must be guided.

Sometime ago, I hurriedly read a book written by Cromwell Ibie, titled ” The Complete Book Of Orunmila.” In it, I found something interesting that hitherto has its impact on me: it says, the patience of Orunmila is unquantifiable so much that it can wait until a log of wood decays before it crosses it. What an endurance, wit and unparalleled patience!

The people of Edo state have endured enough and a new dawn is about to come. The political barrier that has caused pain, poverty, unrest will soon be a thing of the past. You have waited enough and your effort is noteworthy, but to physically bring about this hope, requires the emergence of a true leader with the interest of the people at heart.

The person that has this magnetic personality is your illustrious, not assuming and God-fearing man, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu. He has the solution to many pertinent problems. He has started implementing many from his own palour, but for him to do it effectively requires your mandate and participation.

On this note, SUPPORT, NOMINATE AND VOTE him as your next governor of Edo state. #thefutureisnow.

Iredia Osakue, JP

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