Odubu quietly chides Oshiomhole

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By Kingsley Amayo

As at today it is the best assessment of Oshiomhole’s government coming from an insider who knows that the time has come to tell Edo people the truth.

This is an excerpt:

“I understand our people and their environment and I, with God and under God, commit myself and my Government to provide services that will make them happy through Agricultural revolution: Job and Wealth Creation. Improved education: Transparent and Accountable Governance. This is my solemn commitment”

By Dr Odubu – towards his gubernatorial aspirations.

Anybody who understands the trust of a campaign statement knows it is aimed at exposing the failings in the government intended to be unseated.

Again, a campaign statement is used to reveal what one intends to do or do better.

And for those who have always felt that the complaints about the lack of any viable agricultural policy, intolerable unemployment, a tax regime that is discouraging wealth creation and harming existing businesses, non-result oriented educational policy which is only hinged on the cliché of ‘red roofed schools’ and then the abject lack of transparency and accountability in governance – may now know that the complaints have not merely been political or unfounded.

In fact, the complaints have always been justifiable but painfully ignored by some who ought to be more patriotic about the welfare of the State.

Of a truth; Oshimhole’s deputy is becoming freer to reveal total agreement with the obvious failings in their government.

No doubt as a core Edo man, Odubu needs to start cleaning himself of the decay that would even  become more glaring ‘when the rains have stopped and the people can then see the marks the cripple made while crawling through to his hideout’

In the days ahead, as it is expected for more revelations to be made open, it would not also be out of place for Edo people to demand explanations from the kind of personalities who would allow their people go through such misgovernance until such a time they feel appropriate to use the truthful assessment for their personal political gains.

Indeed Edo people would need to know what went wrong and of what benefits the silence has been!

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  1. I will like to know the reason for the silence. It’s unacceptable to keep quiet while Edo people are literally bleeding.

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