Oshiomhole’s prized friendship: confession of a felon

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Every defense lawyer in a criminal trial knows that a voluntary confession of the accused person stating that he or she committed the crime alleged is usually an admission that leaves the judge with no option but to convict upon the charge before it. Only recently and even trending in the media, the Governor of Edo State, AAEN OSHIOMHOLE said he was proud to be friends of ALIKO DANGOTE and some other very wealthy personalities.

He added that he has by his rendezvous with these very wealthy individual attracted investments to Nigeria. Remarkably, Oshiomhole made this statement in reaction to the observation of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu , who bemoan the fact that Dangote was coning at the twilight of the tenure of our rabble rouser governor to invest in Edo State in spite of his avowed friendship the capitalist.

Lest I be miscomprehended I have nothing against Dangote or any of the other opulent friends of the Governor. As a matter of fact I am not afforded such indulgence except and until it is established that there is more to the wealth than meet the eyes or that the poverty in our society is attributable to them. My concern nevertheless is that before ever Oshiomhole, became Governor of Edo State, most of these friends of his have become world famous for their stupendous wealth.

But Oshiomhole who could in comparative terms, be best described as a peasantry middle class labour activist in Khaki clothes only providentially, found himself as the custodian of Edo vaults. Driven by glaring obsession for wealth and the prodigious lifestyle, perhaps to even up with perceived generational deprivation over the years; especially for a man with little or no moral scruples, he reasoned that he has to measure up to his new-found Circle of rich friends by becoming himself a super rich man. Thus, today, the crave to ‘belong’ has scraped Edo State’s treasury dry, clean and empty; only Oshiomhole and some other sets of his vainglorious pals are smiling to the banks for it whilst the rest of our people wallows in poverty, neglect and deprivation. Oshiomhole reeks of stupendous wealth.


As we speak, Oshiomhole’s has personal or private investments that his earning can never justify. What has suffered on account of this quest to amass wealth in the most primitive or crude manner are the loss of revenue to fund amongst others:

1. Scholarship/Bursaries 2. Salaries/Pension 3. Industrialization/agriculture 4. Lack of health infrastructure. 5. Employment. 6. Poverty eradication/empowerment e.t.c


It is our contention that only recently in a town Hall meeting organized by Oshiomhole, he told the word that there are no industries in Edo State because it was never the plan of his Government to industrialize the State. Barely, Nine (9) months after this proclamation, he has now come to tell the same people that his friendship with certain named industrialists have earned Edo State multi-billion naira investments. He equally said the peoples’ acceptance or otherwise of the PDP could be seen in the number of persons jostling to fly the flag in the forth-coming gubernatorial election.

Oshiomhole must be reminded that on the two occasions he contested his Party had the least number of aspirants; yet this did not stop his victory. He was indeed a lone Candidate in his 2nd coming and he won! If therefore his analysis is anything to go by, he has unwittingly predicted the take over of the state by PDP being the party with the least number of contestants.

Let therefore conclude here that, Oshiomhole, having admitted to his class of friends and realizing that billions of Edo State money are missing whilst Oshiomhole live in opulence, we shall waste no further time or resources in search of the culprits behind Edo State’s stolen and mismanaged wealth.

It is manifest after-thought for Oshiomhole to plead industrialization as the rationale for his friendship with these world-rich billionaires when he had earlier said industrialization was not his priority. Oshiomhole’s confession of his rich friends is in my informed opinion sufficient to nail him for the poverty and suffering in Edo State being a voluntary confession, it suffices as a material fact which though not in issue but is relevant to the fact in issue i.e. corruption, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds accruing to the people of Edo State. I rest my case!


Lawyer and former Member of Edo State House of Assembly (EDHA),

Representing Orhionmwon South Constituency

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Place Adverts, call: 0 702 040 7106
Place Adverts, call: 0 702 040 7106