Oh God! Lead Us Not Into The Hands Of APC-Led Government In Edo State.

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By – Iredia Osakue, JP.

The present state of affairs in the country is appalling and as well pathetic. The citizens cannot categorically say what are the plans of the government. They come up with issues haphazardly and without clear-cut implementation, therefore, leaving the country to flounder hopelessly.

When the idea of anti-corruption came up, the citizens embraced it with the hope that the long awaited sanity in the perceived polluted system will be treated without fear or favour. But, sadly, those that have been following the trend of events are dissatisfied with the entire anti-graft fight – they see it as lopsided, politically motivated witch-hunting and without seeing the end of justice.

Many of the legal minds in the state describe the war on corruption like a written script and actors brought in to put their expertise into making it look real. This is the unfortunate situation that the country is confronted with. In the same vein, some are worried that not all those brought before the court or interrogated are actually involved directly or indirectly in any graft, rather, it is a sort of “cleaning exercise” by removing prominent political rivals whose political future they are determined to damage at all cost. With this in mind, many fear that the country is tipping towards one party state.

Many sectors are left to wallow in despair and it appears that the people up there that charged to speak on behalf of the citizens have been lobotomized – they are calm, serene and ready to carry on. They believe that when they wake up from sleep, things will return to normalcy without working towards it.

The people’s dashed hope and aspirations can be seen virtually in the faces of the people. They are desperate so much that they are ready to hold on to a poisonous snake for survival notwithstanding the inherent danger. This is the pitiable condition the citizens are left to contend with!

When the president came on board, he was described as “baba go-slow” and true to type the state of affairs has been infected and things are really slow. It took the government a considerable time before the ministers were appointed and the excuse was the usual “integrity syndrome.” But, amongst the “well selected” ministers, rumour have it that at least some suffer from the disease of corruption which the government profess fighting. The comatose state of affairs in the country is attributable to the handiwork of a leader with crass knowledge of governance in a democratic settings.

The state governors that are sympathizers or politically inclined to the federal have queued behind and willing to tow the same path undermining the circumstance. They are narcissistic some much that they claim glory in failure.

According to many, the APC government has failed the country. The states that have the opportunity for a change, like Edo state must be insistent in their resistance against having an APC-led government. The citizens have seen the bully at play and any mistake of caving in for ” continuity” will snowball into an unbearable political turmoil that will take another considerable time to fix.

The discerning minds can easily distinguish between the two popular candidates who is ripe enough to satisfy the needs of the people. Opinion pool has shown that Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu has long been awake and working assiduously ahead of time. This best explains his preparedness to deliver the state from further damage, on this note, it remains the duty of all Edo state citizens to support and vote for him come September, 2016.

A true leader is known by his words and deeds, on this score, let me introduce you to one of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu’s quote that x-rays his personality; “I am not desperate but confident that I can lead the people of Edo State working side by side with you to make Edo State the envy of others, we are almost there and we shall arrive by Gods grace.”

The state needs a thorough overhauling for it to bounce back and becoming the envy of other states. The deaf can hear the noise and the blind can see the extent of damage in the state. The hands of the clock of the state since the inception of the present administration has been working anti-clock wise and the governor who has the tool to correct it is unwilling.

The government’s interest is no more in governance but in the drive to regain power and further plunge the state into abyss. The citizens have been hook, line and sinker for more than seven years and the APC-led government is out again with their game plan to bring about another tortuous four years and even more.

A prosperous Edo state which the citizens long clamour for is sure with Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu at the helm of affairs.

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