The History of Ize-Iyamu’s Loyalty

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By Vincent Ize-Iyamu

Oba Osemwende ascended the throne as the Oba of Benin in 1816. It was during an era in which the kingdom was not free from Betrayals from close allies and associates. Oba Osemwende went for divination to find out how he could have a successful reign. He was told that he would need the support of a strong man who was also loyal. Now that was not easy then because strong men were hardly ever completely loyal.

They eventually checked every tribe, and every family through divination till the lot fell on a man called Odia. Odia was invited to Benin by Oba Osemwende who made him the Iyase of the Kingdom (Next in command) Odia became the most loyal Iyase in the Empire’s history. He had a very close relationship with the Oba of Benin. Chief Odia Iyase Nohenmwen n’Oba settled disputes between clans, people in and outside the kingdom sought after his wise counsel, there was peace and tranquility in the land.

Oba Osemwende was pleased with the gentle giant as I like to call him. Odia’s great mind brought stability in the Kingdom, he always placed the Oba’s interests above everything else. In areas where his views differed from that of the Oba, he constructively offered his opinions which was well received by the Oba.

Oba Osemwende gave Iyase Nohenmwen n’Oba Erie quarters where his great grand son Iyamu built the first storey building in Benin (Egedege n’okao) in 1906. Oba Osemwende decreed that anyone who got a Chieftaincy title will pay homage to Iyase Nohenmwen n’Oba, and till this day, it is done in Memory of the gentle giant. Pastor Barrister Osagie Ize-Iyamu is one of the descendants of Chief Odia Iyase Nohenmwen n’Oba.

Pastor Osagie has loyalty in his DNA. His friends in the PDP, APC, and other political parties can attest to that. We can all be very sure that Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu will be loyal to the People of Edo-State, and the People’s priorities will be his number one priority. Let us nominate and elect Pastor Barrister Osagie Ize-Iyamu the gentle giant of our time as the next governor of the heartbeat of Nigeria. It is time for an all inclusive democratic government in which the people’s best interest will be fully served. #Thefutureisnow

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  1. No wonder POI have been over looking Oshiomhole each time he goes berserk! Humility and self esteem runs in their vein! “Ovbengho ne ruo”

  2. Its nice to know the root of our future governor. We are in surport of who we know, and who has the edo people as top priority. Thanks

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