Onojie of Ewu hands over Community Library to NGO, to revive reading culture

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Recently incorporated NGO, the Ewu Progress Foundation also known as Ewu Political Forum, (EPF), founded, populated and led by Ewu sons and daughters both home and abroad, paid their monarch, His Royal Highness, Onojie of Ewu Kingdom – HRH. Ojeifo, a courtesy call in his Palace (Ikpebua House) Sunday.

The EPF delegation, led by member of the Board Of Trustees (BOT), Revd. Albert Omonhan Oboh, also had other illustrious sons of Eilu amongst whom are: Lawrence Isiraojie, Yakubu Omosun, Ezekiel Izzy (alias Easy Motors), Ehizogie E. Iyeomoan (Secretary General of the EPF), Hon. Sheidu (Councillor Ward 8, Esan Central LGA). And a non-native Yakubu (a friend of the Reverend who has now taken Ewu like his home).

The palace was full to the brim and spilling out as Palace Chiefs flanked HRH, Onojie Ojeifo to recieve the EPF delegation.

The EPF siezed the occasion to seek for royal blessings and prayers from the crown and the palace. A request HRH, Onojie Ojeifo gladly obliged.

Furthermore, the EPF informed the Royal Father of the main reason for its visit, that is, its most recent plans/proposed projects, namely: reactivation of the long abandoned Ewu Community Library at Eguare-Ewu, and asked to be given the opportunity to take over management of the Library which had been nonfunctional for many years.

The EPF also informed the crown and the entire palace of its proposed Ewu Political Series termed “Ikpebua House” modelled after the Chattam House of BrutaiB, which first edition has been slated for May 27 2018. The EPF solicited for royal support – and that the Royal Father be available as one of the special guests of honour.

On his part the Onojie of Ewu who was all shades of excitement, welcomed the EPF, offered prayers to the organisation (especially towards the prosperity of its members) and Ewuland in general, stating that the growth of one is the growth of another and by extension the development of Ewu.

On the demands of the EPF, the Royal Father immediately granted that the Library be handed over to the custody of the EPF for proper management.

The Onojie Ojeifo III, who is also a lawyer, immediately directed Hon. Shiedu (Councillor, Ward 8) to assist the EPF in making the Library available for its project, stating that educational projects of this nature would reactivate the reading culture of Ewu sons and daughters.

Hon. Sheidu on his part added his voice by appreciating the EPF for honouring the royal father, and informed him (Onojie Ojeifo III) that the EPF had also extended its long hand of honour to the Local Government Council (the Chairman and the two councillors from Ewu). That he is totally in support of the EPF and its very feasible projects, especially because the EPF totally guns for partnerships for the development of Ewu kingdom.

EPF delegation to the Onojie of Ewu

His Royal Highness also hinted on the series of developmental projects Ewu has so far witnessed during his time, thanking God for every single Ewu son and daughter who had in one way or the other been instrumental to the success of these rapid growth plots.

On the EPF political lecture series (Ikpebua House), the Royal father fully endorsed the idea and promised to ‘save the date, 27th May’ on his calendar.

The Onojie said that Ewuland is one of the most prominent Kingdoms of Esan land, hence the people must keep the flag at full mast by continually driving/attracting sustainable growth to Ewu.

He added that he is open to partnerships of the kind the EPF is offering to Ewu, and would do everything within his power to assist.

The Edionwele, as directed by Onojie Ojeifo III, broke the kolanuts and said more prayers to the success of the EPF and to the growth of Ewu at large.

When contacted for his comment, the President of the EPF who was unavoidably absent, stated that EPF was established to raise the banner of prosperity and unity for Ewu and that he would use his tenure to see that Ewu regains her rightful pride of place in Esan Central, Edo State and Nigeria.

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