Oshiomhole’s ambition will make Edo lose APC Chairmanship – Dr Omorodion

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The brewing crisis between the camps of two former Edo State governors, Adams Aliyu (or Aliu) Oshiomhole and John Odigie Oyegun has started to polarise the Edo State APC.

A major pointer to the polarization going on in the APC was the statement by the Edo State APC Chairman, Barr Anselm Ojezua, announcing that the Edo State APC Party caucus has endorsed Oshiomhole, implying that they are rejecting Oyegun who is their National Chairman.

Many APC party men in Edo State have expressed dissatisfaction over the announcement by Ojezua, and have vowed to frustrate the polarising ambition of Oshiomhole because they believe that he does not want a competent hand to lead the party if it is not him on the saddle.

Others, especially politicians from Edo South District (Benin area) where Oyegun comes from, believe that Adams Oshiomhole is daring them, trying their patience, and undermining them in his desperate bid to short-change the opportunity of one from Edo South to also grow nationally.

“Oshiomhole’s love for Benin is only lip service. Let him prove it by supporting a very good Benin man who wants to do second term. He won’t. But we gave him the second term in Edo State.” an APC ward woman leader confided in our reporter.

“Adams will not be!” an APC strategy consultant from Edo State who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

“It is Dr. Clement Ebri, that will emerge as the National Chairman.” He added.

The consultant reasoned that Dr Ebri will easily emerge as a broad consensus among party leaders in the APC due to concerns that have emerged nationally that choosing Oyegun or Oshiomhole would surely polarise the party.

“Even Oyegun is ready to go, but not for Adams.” he said.

A political commentator, famous for his role in pointing out Adams Oshiomhole’s iconoclastic statement in addressing the Benin monarch, Dr Thompson Omorodion, has asked the APC to call Adams Oshiomhole to order over his “inordinate ambition to replace a competent Benin man, Oyegun”.

Dr Omorodion warned that the aspiration of Adams Oshiomhole to replace a competent Benin man as national party would distress the APC in Edo State and eventually create the room for the other stakeholders of the APC in Nigeria to take the position out of Edo state to another state “for peace to reign”.

“Oshiomhole’s ambition will make Edo State lose APC Chairmanship. For peace to reign, the APC will definitely take the power out of Edo State. Quote me. When this happen, blame Adams Oshiomhole’s inordinate ambition and patent disdain for a Benin man to be his leader. – Dr Omorodion who is a lecturer in Delta State said.

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