Self-help syndrome: the bane of political evolution of Ewu land and people – Hon. J.E. Imoisili.

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The inaugural edition of the EKPEBUA HOUSE, Ewu Political Lecture Series held on Saturday in Ewu has gone down in history as a wake up call to Ewu reawakening towards engendering Unity and prosperity associated with Unity.

Lead Speaker of the maiden edition of Ekpebua House Political Lecture series organised by the Ewu Progress Foundation, Hon J. Ebeagbor Imoisili, an Ewu man formerly Esan Central council boss and management consultant, while taking a historical voyage around Ewu political evolution, revealed that from time immemorial, Ewu politics has been marred by lack of unity and communal backing of candidates of Ewu origin.

According to Imoisili who is now a leader in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ward 8 (Ewu), whose tenure as Esan Central council boss is remembered by most people as a time of quality, altruistic leadership of focus on transformation,  politicians of Ewu origin who succeeded in getting political positions did so through self help.  This has been a bane to the political evolution of Ewu land, according to the Lead Speaker.

According to Imoisili, while other communities like Irrua, Uromi and others projected and supported their people to elective offices  to get elected into political positions, Ewu politicians only resort to self help because they lack the backing from home.

He cited the early great politicians like Shaka Momodu of Irrua, Ijie of Ibore and others having laid the foundations for their future generation to thrive in politics.

Corroborating this shortcomings of Ewu, Pa Jerome Idiata, the chairman of Elukhide Social Cultural Development Organization, popularly called Elukhide, revealed how in his own watch, the political Godfathers of that time tried to lure them into supporting the removal of Hon David Iyoha, an Ewu man, from office as the then Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly with the deceptive promise that if Iyoha is removed, then their own son would be made the next governor of the state.

He said he vehemently refused that plot because a bird in hand is worth more than millions in the bush.

Also speaking at the historic event, Hon David Iyoha, formerly speaker, Edo State House of Assembly during the Igbinedion tenure as governor, stated that the theme of the programme “Get Involved” was what motivated him to attend the Ekpebua House inaugural lecture.

According to the former speaker who is now a leader in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ward 8 (Ewu), he got involved in the 90s when he first contested as a councillor under the Grassroots Democratic Movement (GDM).

Under the political calculations then,  he later wanted to contest for local Government Council Chairman but had to accept the House of Assembly ticket in the end owing to the then prevailing political circumstances.

He got involved and became a Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly. He narrated further how he impacted many people in education through scholarships.

In his Keynote Address, which was the high point of the event,  the Onojie of Ewu, HRH Barr. Rasaki Isesele Ojiefo III commended the converners of the programme in their wisdom in using the name EKPEBUA for the series.

According to the legal luminary who is King of Ewu, he said the tree royal princes whose families are now the kings and kingmakers lineages; Ekpebua, Uwamen and Ughulu, were the 3 brothers who migrated from Benin to Ewu in the distant past.

The Onojie clarified  that the Ruling House of Ewu is more appropriate to be called the Ekpebua Dynasty instead of the current name of Ojiefo Dynasty.

According to the cerebral royal father of Ewu Kingdom, Ekpebua is the originator of the current Ewu Ruling House.

He further revealed that in the early 1900, Ewu was recognised by the colonial government as a Kingdom covering the whole of present Idoa, Ukhun, (now in Esan West LGA) Jagbe, and Agbede (Now in Etsako West LGA).

Zaiki Ojiejo III further revealed that the mother of Emuan n’Ogidigan (The great), one of the greatest kings of Ewu who was dreaded by the colonial government and the then neighbors, is from Agbede and that was why King Eimua, (whose three sons tasted the throne; Abhulimen, Ojiefoh and Omosun), gave the portion of Ewu land to the Agbede people which is now called Agbede land today.

In his conclusion, the Lead Speaker commended the Ewu Progress Foundation (conveners of Ewu Political Forum) and impressed on them to get involved.

He cited that the time to support our own is ripe adding that a bright son of  Ewu is asking for a position as a legislator at the House of Assembly in 2019, apparently referring to the aspiration of Saintmoses Eromosele. He died that Ewu should back him to demonstrate their resolve to break the old jinx.

Ewu Political Forum was founded on December 27, 2017 by two cousins, Saintmoses Eromosele based in Germany and Osajele Godsend Jomo based in Lagos on a WhatsApp platform. Both of them are currently members of the Board of Trustees.

The group is currently being led by Engr Fidelis Edokpa after Mr Isiwele Osezuwa handed over in a democratic election held in March 2018. Chairman of the Board of Trustees and a strong pillar for the group, Pastor Henry Amenkhena, was also Chairman of the occasion and he pledged to support any Ewu man to higher position.

The group was founded to unite Ewu towards greater sociopolitical achievement, to initiate the EKPEBUA HOUSE Political Lecture Series and to agitate for the creation of a separate Local Government Area or Local Council Development Authority to be known as Kugbe or Esan North LGA or LCDA comprising Ewu, Ukhun, Idoa and Jagbe with head quarters in Ewu.

The Chairman of the Political Lecture Series Committee of the EPF, Mr Lawrence Isiraoje, expressed satisfaction over the success of the maiden edition and asked the public to embrace subsequent editions which would be open to non-Ewu people.

Faruk from Ukhiodo-Ewu anchored the memorable event which attracted all sectors of the Ewu public. The Chairman of the Esan Central council who is an Ewu man was conspicuously absent but the two councillors representing Ewu at the council attended.

At the end of the program the guests went to inspect the medium sized Ewu Community Library of large hall and four reading rooms donated to Ewu by the TY Danjuma Foundation, which management Onojie of Ewu last April handed over to the EPF. Donations for the take off of the library were received from Hon David Iyoha, Pa Idiata, and others.


Osajele Godsend Jomo, reporting for URHOKPOTA REPORTERS.

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