Government’s continued neglect threatens infrastructures in Edo State Ministry of Education

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Edo State Government’s continued neglect threatens infrastructures in Edo’s Ministry of Education making it now look more or less Ministry of Dilapidation.

Edo Ministry of Education Iyaro premises.

Ministry of Education is supposed  to be Government’s driving force for change, growth and development of the education system – shaping direction for education agencies and providers and contributing to the Government’s goals for education.

But besides these functions, infrastructures at Edo state Ministry of Education are in despair and dilapidated without any serious commitment from the government.

Urhokpota Reporters exclusively investigated the dilapidation of Edo State Ministry of Education Iyaro and the plights of people in accessing its services.

Our investigation revealed that many are the challenges confronting the Ministry of Education Iyaro. URHOKPOTA REPORTERS spoke to a number of staff both junior and senior staff, all of them pleaded for anonymity.

The staff, rightly so, are looking up to the government to tackle the ever growing number of challenges in their workplace  in order to make work more dignifying for them. But as seen in many cases, help does not always seem to come easily from the state government.

The challenges, mostly topped by dearth of infrastructures in the Ministry, have subjected staff to untold hardships and indignity.

Top on the list of complaints of staff is office space to discharge their duties.

Edo Ministry of Education Iyaro premises.

The staff, who handle the routine duties of the Ministry suffer various forms of difficulties, depending on the level they occupy. Some suffer problems ranging from poor ergonomics, dilapidated buildings, lack of facilities to carryout their duties, and manpower shortages. For example they have to depend on business centre to type or photocopy even sensitive letters due to a lack machines in the ministry.

In some situations, staff are made to sit on top books due to lack of space as Urhokpota Reporters witnessed. Some staff  were seen under a small tree attending to a school principal who had come to seek information on take off approval for his school.

So is the situation in Iyaro, where a tree serves as the office of a staff of the Ministry of Education.

The poor state of the Ministry can be linked to years of negligence and abandonement by successive government administration, especially since the tenure of Adams Oshiomhole where a portion that was burnt by curious fire has not been repaired till date. Check the pictures.

The Ministry continue to be in despair inspite of the N6.3b  budgeted for education in 2018.

Poor governance and mismanagement have crippled education sectors in the state not leaving behind the Ministry of Education. Government’s attitude towards crucial problems of education, especially its quality, is lackadaisical.

A principal who spoke to our correspondent lamented that government’s institution should be in such state of despair,  calling on the government to renovate the dilapidated buildings.

A top staff who doesn’t want his identity disclosed said “Apart from the dilapidated nature of some of the buildings, the existing offices cannot contain all the staff”.

URHOKPOTA REPORTERS calls on Governor Obaseki to urgently do something about the dilapidation that has continued in the Ministry of Education under his watch and justify the huge budgetary allocation to the ministry.

A stitch in time saves nine.

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