Godwin Obaseki: The “mulling” Governor

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Three years into his administration, Godwin Obaseki is still mulling. He is mulling on issues central to the development, security, and sustenance of the state even as things fall apart and more and more people are thrown into poverty and hardship.

Like a halfwit, he ponders and mulls on issues demanding leadership and decisiveness; he mulls and mulls that the people, especially those tormented by these endless torrent of “Governor Obaseki mulls” messages across his personal media, are beginning to wonder if they elected him to the Government House to mull.

For affirmation and to address the predictable questioning of some doubting Thomas, you may go through the Governor’s media pages or enter the keywords “Obaseki mulls” into Google and see what the incompetent man spends his time in office doing.

In the space of a month or so, he has “mulled” football tournament for primary schools; ‘mulled’ participation in Bendel Development Commission even though a similar commission already exists; ‘mulled’ support structures for the private sectors and a host of other issues.

These issues never went past the ‘mulling stage’ and only yesterday, another was added to the mulling list; his promise to partner with the National Open University of Nigeria to boost vocational training.

To those wondering, the word ‘mull’, according to the English dictionary, means to think about something deeply. Its synonyms include ponder, deliberate and other mental tasks which evidently in the case of Godwin Obaseki, never translates into any meaningful action.

Usually, for serious governments, three years into power, especially one that already kicked off a premature election campaign, the norm is to inundate people with achievements and progress reports on previous promises.

For instance, Obaseki promised on the 25th of September 2017 to focus on vocational courses and produce between two to five thousand technicians yearly whilst receiving training equipment and tools donated by the Industrial Training Fund and Nigeria Employers Consultative Association to schools in Edo State.

Two full years after, he has no result to show on this salient promise, except for another declaration that he is ‘mulling’ another partnership that may not materialize if other failed promises are anything to go by.

Identifying a failed government led by an unserious and inept man is not at all a difficult task. The lack of ambition and aimlessness is obvious in both actions and words. That Obaseki is still ‘mulling’ three years after winning election to offer direction on these important issues, many of which he campaigned on, says all that needs to be said about the man.

He is sowing seeds of confusion around now, threatening fire and brimstone in a supposed fight with some politicians he has refused to name. But all of these are obvious attempts to distract people from the ponderous nature of his administration that has failed to achieve nothing since inception.

It will fail, no doubt. The people who have witnessed a sad reversal of fortunes recognize without ambiguity that the root cause is the misfit in charge of leadership. When it is time to boot him out of office, they won’t ‘mull’ the decision for a second.

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