Nigerian stabbed to death in Wolfsburg, Germany. – Osaretin Evbuomwan

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For the second time in 17 months, a Nigerian has again been killed in Wolfsburg, Germany, this time by stabbing.

The 33-year-old asylum seeker from Enugu, Nigeria, popularly called Jerry, who however falsely officially claimed to come from Cameroon probably in a desperate bid to avoid deportation, died in the night of Friday, as police said. It is reported that after failing the get his papers after several frustrating years in Germany, Jerry had concluded plans to return to Nigeria permanently this year to join his wife and children and was making plans to do this when this unfortunate incident occurred. Two persons, his roommates, 37 and 40 years old, officially from Zimbabwe and Ghana, were arrested provisionally under suspicion. The motivation for violence is currently unclear. The public prosecutor has ordered an autopsy of the dead.

After cries for help, the security forces at the asylum accommodation had found in Fallersleben district of Wolfsburg (The City where Volkswagen is headquartered in Germany) the 33-year-old Nigerian seriously injured in the early morning hours in a hallway. Resuscitation efforts by the prompt emergency services failed.

The city of Wolfsburg offered the other residents in the accommodation care throughout the night. Social workers and home management officials took care of the people in the asylum accommodation facility, which is almost entirely occupied by 147 people. The first Councillor, Werner Borcherding, lamented the ugly development. In his words, translated by U-Reporters translators, “We are deeply shocked by this act of violence and strongly condemn the incident.”

In September 2014, another Nigerian from Edo State, was shot dead in the same city, in the same street and at the same house. The killing of the Nigerian in September 2014, was connected to a fracas between the murderer and allegedly a drug user. The assailant came to the facility with a gun and the person he wanted to shoot excaped. But a neighbour who saw the Russian with a short gun tried to use a weapon to defend himself and apparently in panic the assailant pulled the trigger on the innocent Nigerian who bleed and died in the pool of his own blood.

While the Nigerian community in the region were recovering from that shocker of September 2014, another murder in the same house has happened to another Nigerian. The Nigerian community has risen up to plan a protest for greater recognition and protection of their fundamental human rights and rights to asylum in Germany, the Nigerian embassy Germany has cautioned for calm. The embassy promised to investigate the whole matter and ensure they continue to defend the rights and privileges of Nigerians everywhere they find themselves.

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