The rationale for an Ize-Iyamu Governorship

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By Israel Eromosele
Because Edo people have not sufficiently punished liars who find themselves in government, opportunists disguised as crusaders for the general good in the likes of Governor Adams Oshiomhole who are invited to come help move the state forward have continued to do the wrong, believing that they are above the law and that nothing will happen to them.
Since he assumed office in 2008, Oshiomhole has misused Edo state resources, destroyed our collective heritage like the Edo Line and promoted impunity, disregard of due process and rule of Law,  and in the process choked Edo peoples’ development in the last 7 years.

In actions and deeds, we seemed to have licensed with our silence and non-nonchalant, a government by an incompetent blue-collar  political neophyte who has exhausted his populist goodwill and consequently short-changed us to the extent that our future has been mortgaged, without his caring a hoot.
I  make bold to say that time has come for us as a state and a people to sit up. Now the 2016 governorship election must produce a governor who can put his feet down and defeat and crush this license and blank cheque to commit crime against the state. This is the reason why Edo people must rally round Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and send Oshiomhole and his cohorts to the streets this year.
A preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ for years, with years of experience in government first as Chief of Staff to the state governor and later as Secretary to the state government, Ize-Iyamu is needed at this time in Edo to come clear the Augean stable. We must elect Ize-Iyamu to reverse the atrocities Oshiomhole’s years of deceit has foisted on us.
Edo need change. We must elect Ize-Iyamu to stop the mess in the land. We must elect Ize-Iyamu to restore hope to our fatherland. Oshiomhole’s regime has promoted brigandage, poverty, underdevelopment and unemployment .
 We need Ize-Iyamu to kick start the process of building a brand new Edo. We put our feet, hands, energies, powers, strengths behind Ize-Iyamu to emerge so that poor Edo Nigerians can have some hope and a breathing space to dream of a better future. Oshiomhole’s rhetoric had hoodwinked our people but now, they are now very enlightened.
I have my reasons why Oshiomhole’s stooge or any APC politician in whatever guise should not taste the exalted position of the Governor of Edo State come November 2016.
For one, Oshiomhole has been a failure. A clueless Oshiomhole was the principal character whose un-coordinated style of governance left Edo without an economic policy in 7 years, taxing the poor into greater penury.  As a result inherited industries were left to rot, no new industries were mooted or set up. Oshiomhole did not create opportunities for persons to be employed. His stooge will be worse.
Oshiomhole desecrated our tradition. At every opportunity insults particular elders  while pretending to love others. Oshiomhole has taken our traditional institution for a ride by politicizing the.. his stooge would ride roughshod on the traditional institutions.
Oshiomhole has run Edo state like his personal estate. He has had the temerity and audacity to throw his weight around, taking laws into his hands, committing all kinds of atrocities believing that his tenure is endless. Desperate to protect his past he is plotting to impose a neophyte as successor.
Oshiomhole never believed that Edo will ever vote against him and his party. His orchestrated fame has dampened his appreciation of reality. The 2015 National Assembly and Presidential election results, where he was defeated has heightened his desperation and capacity to commit all kinds of atrocities and political irresponsibility; that is visible everywhere in Edo today
Oshiomhole has abused his position as governor by pocketing the state assembly: amassing wealth at the public expense: we now have a toothless state assembly with passive legislators who cannot bark. This has ensured that Oshiomhole mismanaged public funds accruing to the state and even the local governments to the extent that those Local Government chairmen who dare raise their voices are hunted down.
 Our people have become the poorer for it. Edo State tragedy today presents the first litmus test for those who told Oshiomhole and the APC in the 2015 Presidential and National Assembly elections that what it takes to stop a bad government like Oshiomhole’s given his poor performance records is the ballot. 
Edo as a people must be firm, decisive and if possible ruthless in dealing with impunity and mismanagement of her destiny, under the administration of Oshiomhole; sending him and his party APC out of Osadebey Avenue is the only option.
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