No Longer At Ease With Edo State APC by Iredia Osakue

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The mudslinging, verbal and physical assaults within the Edo State APC have reached an alarming crescendo where the people of the state can no more sit idly and watch a flagrant breach of good manners while we keep our silence.

The infighting, of course, does not have any effect on the participants, but a show of strength and supremacy within the ranks, but it is sad that the electorate and good people of the state suffer the brunt of their solecism.

There is a common saying that a house divided against itself cannot stand – and in view of this, it is evident that with the height of indiscipline and unruly behavior, the ruling party cannot dispense equity and good governance because they lack it in their arsenal.

According to an APC chieftain on ITV over the aggression on Barrister Gentleman Amegor in his residence some few days ago by some people described as “Oshiomhole’s thugs,” quoted from “The Gods Are Not To Blame” a play written by Ola Rotimi, that, ” if the gods want to kill a man it will first make him mad.” If the ranks within APC can say this, then it is a clear indication that the party’s political sphere has polarized into many competing ideological positions beyond redemption and any attempt to undermine this premonition will be tantamount to giving our future to the dogs.

The state has witnessed a different degree of setbacks occasioned by the remarkable ineptitude of the incumbent and his cronies who in their lack of wisdom have failed to read between the lines.

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There is no gainsaying the fact that the state needs a facelift, but the people have been bamboozled with the rehabilitation of roads that leads to nowhere. In my own opinion and that of other like minds, the state deserves more than just mere road repairs and superficial school restructure. Sadly, in this present Gestapo rule, who will dare say it!

While talking with a friend recently, I gave him a vivid picture of the goings-on in the ruling party: if APC was to be Oshiomhole’s house and the aspirants are his children, would it be just for him to show love to one with flagrant disregard to the rights of others? He said ‘NO’ in strong terms. This story is akin to that of Jacob and his household, when he identified with Joseph and the consequence was that he was maliciously sold out and if not for God’s intervention nothing good would have come out of Joseph.

For this not to be the portion of Edo indigenes, this is the time to show it. A new party and leadership is the only answer and as we match on into election, let us remain committed to our wish and shun any distraction that will take us off balance and further plunge the state into yet another tumultuous years of misrule.

*Iredia Osakue is a Turin-based scholar, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues.

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