Comrade Oshiomhole, where are the jobs?

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By Kingsley Ogbeide-Ihama

Adams Oshiomhole’s government never told us it would be a probability. It said if such as Airport and Akpakpava roads were reconstructed, then the big companies would come and take care of our unemployment problems. With such disposition coming from a former labour leader, who is trusted enough to know how these things work, it was therefore inappropriate to doubt the submission or to even demand accountability in executing the projects intended to lure the big investors into the State. But for over seven years the big companies did not come and the smaller existing ones are shutting down.

When issues as these are used to judge Adams Oshiomhole’s total performance, some persons become very hostile. Minds immediately reflect on the beautiful new-look of the roads, and some imagine that persons like me are either physically blind or just persons who hate good things. Before others engage in mental excursion of comparison with past regimes, they would have demanded my crucifixion for having used the roads since their reconstruction.

But persons like us have a compelling reason not to be daunted by such criticisms. Firstly in making my submission, I reflect on the happiness such projects have brought to the people of the State and also imagine the level of happiness it would had brought if the monies expended on the projects where used for what will create direct jobs; as a topmost priority of government.

Another way to appreciate the essence of this comparison is for us to imagine what Edo people would have preferred between immediate good roads and immediate massive employment. And please, I expect nobody to challenge my knowledge about what government has to do to create jobs. Otherwise, if my knowledge is not sufficient, checkout what Gov. Mimiko has done about job creation in Ondo State, or what Gov. Ortom of Benue State (a self-acclaimed motor park tout) is achieving with the on-going Aerotropolis project in his State.

Some of us do not really care about what others are going through. Hence William Shakespeare said “A wretched soul, bruised with adversity, we bid be quiet when we hear it cry, but were we burdened with like weight of pain, as much or more we should ourselves complain”

I have found in my Edo State a growing rivalry between the priorities of government and the priorities of its people. Sometimes, I feel that some of our rulers assume a people’s demand for somebody to rule them is borne of their conviction that they (people) are too stupid to do the right things without being led.

And because scare resources could limit the efforts of government, expectedly, a responsible government tailors its priorities in line with the core needs of its people. In fact, it is a grave moral and social crime for government priorities to be at rivalry with the people.

No matter the political persuasions of any person in power, it is desirable to maintain a bearing with the popular wishes. In that state, harmony is ensured, and not coercion to conform or comply.

Give Edo people jobs; they would find ways to their destinations!

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