How Edo May vote in July 2016

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By Sylvester Okonofua

The time is near.  The hatred which characterises political atmosphere is streaming in from all directions. The doubts, the trust, the history is playing out. Records of achievements is beig compiled by all. The last has not been heard of various activities across the State. While the current administration is boasting of a State of the art Central Hospital Complex, would-be incoming regime tries to discredit the claim. The Oshiomhole administration gives itself kudos for great erosion control, good schools, roads, water provision, better security, good health, a robust economy etc. Unfortunately, these same acclaimed laudable projects are been used to fight the same administration.

For example, there has been public outcry over the state of central hospital. The project is said to have been on going for seven years and so much billions have been spent on it yet, not completed. Another group did mentioned that the amount budgeted yearly for the complex is more than enough to build what is seen on ground right now. Some say the project is just another avenue employed by Governor Adams Oshiomhole to siphon public fund. The red roof project of the administration has also being widely condemned. Facts are that the schools have no desks and lack teachers while a lot of schools were not renovated along with others. The Edo State erosion control project has also been seriously condemned. It is said that so much money was borrowed to help facilitate this project but such cannot be accounted for and the state is in deep pool of erosion with serious debt running into billions of dollars, which would take decades to pay.

The selective road construction is also a minus to governor Oshiomhole administration. Few roads are awarded and they are to serve the very interest of a few who wants to impress their people that Oshiomhole has worked. In some cases it is only when elections come that they run to fix roads. Employment is a no go area as the state has has done nothing to lift the people out of poverty since the inception of the administration and salaries are owed as pensioners die daily for lack of pay to take care of their needs. Of the six South South States only Edo is being governed by APC. No doubt, her sister states will join hand to see that PDP sail through. All of these are likely issues that will work against APC continuity in the state.

As if these are not enough, the imposition of a candidate by the out going government may not work well for APC. If and when this happens, there will be a lot of cross carpeting and this again will affect the APC. Dissatisfied by the administration of Governor Oshiomhole, the populace may be warming up for a change in baton unless something very new and convincing happens, we are in for a long battle. But that may not be all for the APC. Her power of incumbency may work very well for her if and when Oshiomhole is able to convince the people by the show of his achievement and a level play field is allowed for the about fifteen APC contestants to work it out, the party may be on it’s way to winning.

APC also have a huge Federal government support as much as they are in government. Many heavy men may be employed to help make it work.  National Party Chairman is from the state and he will fight to deliver and protect his office. For the PDP, the national outcry that corruption got to its peak during the last administration brought to pass mostly by the instrument of propaganda will  affect issues in the state

PDP and APC had a huge loss as well as a win in the last election and this is another cut into their ability to excel in the next election. However, the huge advantage PDP has is the absence of inter party rancour amongst the contestants. It also can boast of a huge followers because of the calibre of men gunning for the Governor seat. Among others things, the seeming failure of Oshiomhole regime is a huge gain to PDP. Angry over the administration, they just can’t wait to see it go. They believe that a vote for another APC man is a vote for Oshiomhole’s administration continuity. Looking at both parties, their manifestos have not been fully realised. PDP on the other hand may want to rubbish what has been done and likely going to use the errors of Oshiomhole to ride to government house. How the votes will come is still not very clear. In the days ahead we will know.

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